A Family of Cooks: Bread

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Bread is the first Section of a larger collection of family recipes, compiled and edited by Mary Lynn Naylor Allen.

Bread is considered the staple of life. And for thousands of years, humans have learned how to grind and cook grains. These bread recipes, handed down generation to generation haven't changed their ingredients much. Yeast, flour, water, and Love.

The complete collection is look at the History of our Family through Food. These recipes span five generations, and give us a look into how food has evolved within our family. Whether you are a Bowen, Naylor, Allen, or a derivative, I'm sure you'll find a recipe by one of your relatives here. Enjoy the reading, and enjoy the cooking.

Note: If you would like to add to this project, please email me the recipe, and I'll post it here on this site.

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