Food, Music & Fitness w/ Tarah D.

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I am a specialist in fitness nutrition and the owner of Physical Vitality health & wellness. I wanted to create a series of cookbooks that would be fun and a little different! I wanted to ensure that I chose recipes that would allow you to use some of the same ingredients in the main dish. I often go to the store and purchase ingredients for one recipe, while needing new ingredients for the next one. I also provide a fitness/nutrition tip and exercises to incorporate into your daily routine. The exercises are so simple, you can do some of them while you cook! I include the music that I listen to while cooking the meal and my mood. I believe that music, fitness and food make you feel great, so why not combine them!

My cookbook offers simple and tasty foods that will help enhance your overall fitness. Providing you with tasty options for protein, fat and carbohydrate combinations. It is necessary to have a nice ratio of fats, protein and carbohydrates in your diet. Please check with your nutrition provider to ensure that you know your daily caloric intake and what your macro/micro ratio should be.

These are recipes that I have grown to love and hopefully you will too! This is book 1 in my series, look out for more….

Music: James Blake- OverGrown

Mood: Encouraged

Tarah D.

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