Get Back in the Kitchen! Easy Healthy Meals for the Non-Chef by Kathy and Andrew Judson

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How To Use This Cookbook

This cookbook can be used in conjunction with or without a Fitness Anywhere Customized Nutrition Plan. Those on a plan will be able to plug in each recipe if they desire when suggested, so that those who are more challenged in the kitchen can make something great with the suggested grocery list. I’ve written each recipe in the simplest and most general way, not to conform with a traditional cookbook style, but to help out those who don’t know their way around a kitchen as well, or for those who are used to cooking in a much more relaxed style; ie. a little pinch of this, a little splash of that.

Eating for your Body Type

The Ectomorph:

An Ectomorph will generally have a tough time gaining weight whether it is muscle or fat. Most are thin and have little muscle, giving them a frail appearance. Ectomorph's are also not very athletic and don't have as much stamina as a Mesomorph, but with training, that will change.

One key fact with the Ectomorph, is that muscular growth is slower and fat gain is very minimal. This means your weight gain will be cleaner, since the body of an Ectomorph metabolizes everything very fast, so fat gain is minimal.

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