Pie Among Friends: Recipes from the Second Annual South Side Pie Challenge

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These recipes are from the Second Annual South Side Pie Challenge. Our second event had fewer entrants than last year but just as many pie fans in attendance, and we were able to raise $1500 for the Hyde Park/Kenwood Hunger Programs.

The Pie Challenge has taken on the feel of a tradition already, and the neighbors who came out to eat pie and support the Hunger Programs have become friends and collaborators. Once again wonderful musicians donated their talents, friends created beautiful decorations, and Girl Scouts served pie--pie in diverse, gorgeous abundance. New types on the table this year included peanut butter pie, green rhubarb pie, and Shaker lemon pie filled with lemon slices. We invite you to peruse our entrants' recipes and try many of them out! We think you will be as impressed as we were with the fine pies that graced our Pie Challenge tables this year. -- Julie Vassilatos, South Side Pie Challenge Organizer

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