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Getting older may be beyond our control, but how we age is not. Aging Backwards is not about denying age nor the changes that accompany aging. It is about incorporating subtle changes into your life that are within almost anyone’s capacity to make. It’s about working with what you’ve got and making a commitment to improving yourself a little bit every single day.

But if you do miss a day or you feel like eating that big slice of cake “just this once,” so what? Aging Backwards is not about beating yourself up. It’s about focusing on the good things you do and doing more of them, more often. Lots of little accomplishments add up to big results and the rewards are great.

Nutrition contributes greatly to health and vitality and it's easier than you think to "crave" foods that are good for you when they taste delicious. In this cookbook, you'll find recipes that could help start you on the road to Aging Backwards.

Life should be an adventure, and adventures are always best when you approach them with an open, optimistic mind. As I like to say, it’s never too late — or even too early — to start thinking about Aging Backwards.

So, let’s turn back the clock - and get cooking - together!

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