Savor the Food

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Hi my name is Randall and I love to cook and bake. My passion is designing food. Taste matters but so does color. It’s my way to be different; color is attractive to the human eye. When we smell something good along with the colors mixed in the prepared dish, your mouth and saliva glands are ready to eat.

In this cookbook you will find main courses, side dishes, soups and salads. Oh, and not to forget dessert. We wouldn't want that cup of coffee to be lonely.

I love to cook, but I do have a passion for baking. People say a lot when they are eating something you cooked. But when they savor your cooked food or baked goods, it's the emotions their face is showing that says it all. That's why I came up with, "FOOD IS THE PICTURE OF A 1000 WORDS”–CHEF RANDALL.

I have invited many people to my home to show my hospitality through what comes out of my kitchen and is put before them at the dining table. But now I wish to share my experiences at cooking and baking with the world; with others who also have a passion for cooking and in return share the passion with others.

Thank you in advance for purchasing a copy of "Savor the Food".

Chef Randall

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