Sharing Christmas with Friends

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Each year since 1992 my wife and I have hosted our annual Christmas Cookie Party. Over the course of 2 weeks I bake 80-90 dozen cookies, a huge pot of my Christmas Chili and even mix up a few adult beverages from the days of Charles Dicken's. We then invite all our friends and family to this all day Open House.

Some folks come for a few hours, some stay the whole day and some into the evening. We eat. We talk. We catch up on everything that has happened in the previous year. Oh, and then we eat some more!

Captured in this cookbook are some of my favorite cookies, candies, and food, especially the easy one's that can be made with kids. You'll also get the recipe to my (not so secret) Famous Christmas Chili, which is as popular with the guests as the cookies themselves. Finally, there is Dicken's Hot Gin Punch as described in the pages of David Copperfield.

Share a bit of your holiday with us by making these recipes. I know our house is filled with happiness, food and love and I hope yours will be, too.

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Oct/14/2011 02:10 pm babs
Douglas - delightful cookbook. Love the Christmas Morning Oatmeal and video. Now if only the app had scratch & sniff... for the cookies!
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