TECHmunch Austin 2013 Food Blogger Community Cookbook

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These are the recipes from the TECHmunch Austin Community Food Bloggers who attended our conference in March 2013. Join us as we celebrate their love for food! Thank you to everyone who submitted a recipe. See you next year!

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Apr/28/2013 10:04 pm FraserKR
I downloaded the cookbook but where did it go? the download didn't go the usual folder on my computer. I checked me email to see if it was emailed to me and that doesn't seem to be the trick. what am I missing?
May/05/2013 12:05 pm babs
@FraserKR - great question. When you're logged into BakeSpace, it will be in your "downloaded cookbooks" tab in your "my kitchen" page. If you're in the app... it will be in the My Cookbooks Tab. If you download a cookbook here and sync your ipad to your account, all your cookbooks will match the web & iPad together.
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