Victory ala Mode: Recipes from the First Annual South Side Pie Challenge

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This collection comes from some of the entrants in the first annual South Side Pie Challenge held in Chicago this past November. While there has been a well-established apple pie contest for several years on the north side of the city, we felt the south side needed a showcase for its pies too, and we opened the doors wide to four types of pies: fruit, nut, crème, and sweet potato/pumpkin.

Fifty-two bakers brought us their best, and eight judges carefully considered them. We organizers were thrilled with the response we got to our call for bakers. The day of the Pie Challenge was a wonderful community gathering at a local grade school. Hundreds of folks came out to eat pie, helping us raise money for a good cause: $2000 for the Hyde Park/Kenwood Hunger Programs. Twenty-two of our entrants submitted their recipes for our e-book, which was prepared by Susan Carton.

We hope you enjoy perusing this collection and find some new favorites for your own family gatherings.

Julie Vassilatos and Kate Agarwal, South Side Pie Challenge co-organizers

Susan Carton, South Side Pie Challenge cookbook coordinator

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Mar/20/2013 06:03 pm Psanders
Susan: Thanks for putting these recipes together! It was quite a memorable event.
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