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The Cookbook to Defy Disease and Decay - Your Prescription to an Anti-Inflammatory Life

The Cookbook to Defy Disease and Decay - Your Prescription t..

by Dr. Thaddeus Gala This cookbook was created to support our mission of combating and reversing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart dis..
Recipes: 101       Number of Downloads: 3
Cost: $14.99
The Nest's Best

The Nest's Best

by shannon.gray A collection of fabulous recipes from current and former Falcons!
Recipes: 45       Number of Downloads: 2
Cost: $5.99
Get Fit With Good Food!

Get Fit With Good Food!

by Jodelle Could you lose fat, get leaner, achieve optimal health, AND eat food you love that actually tastes good? You bet! Writ..
Recipes: 105       Number of Downloads: 30
Cost: $12.99
Vegan Eats!

Vegan Eats!

by leslieinman Hello, and thank you for purchasing VEGAN EATS! All little bit about myself ... My name is Leslie Inman. I am a profes..
Recipes: 35       Number of Downloads: 7
Cost: $9.99
Science 8 is Cooking with Chemistry 2013

Science 8 is Cooking with Chemistry 2013

by sjbrooksct As a culminating activity for an 8th grade science unit on classifying matter, students adapted favorite recipes to incl..
Recipes: 84       Number of Downloads: 17
Cost: FREE
KITCHEN CAUCUS Liberal Helpings

KITCHEN CAUCUS Liberal Helpings

by Kitchen Caucus KITCHEN CAUCUS Liberal Helpings is intended for food and policy enthusiasts who are interested in politically inspired r..
Recipes: 30       Number of Downloads: 4
Cost: $2.99


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