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Good Morning - Thursday - September 20th!!
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Capo di tutti Capi

Joined: 08 Aug 2007
Posts: 702

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 6:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Are you a procastinator? Are you cheap? My hubby is. Anyhow he had a blood test for prostate which he could have done yesterday and decided to put it off. Went this morning and the test which cost $30. yesterday went to $50. today. So his procrastination cost him $20.

Went to my class very frustrated last night. My printer stopped even accepting print requests when I tried to print the pages for the class. The CD that came with the text has many tests on charting when light or colour appears on a background and that sort of thing. We were supposed to try about 6 different tests. Snag. The CD does not work with an iMac. I asked how savy I have to be about logorithyms as they are a way of describing charts for these tests. Seems I don't have to be an expert but it was recommended I go to the learning centre at the university and gets some brushing up on them. Just what I need, more time spent there.

The redness is fading from the burned hand. And I even made pizza yesterday and used the spaghetti sauce that I had made on the pizza. Tasted really good.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Elite BakeSpacer

Joined: 18 Jul 2007
Posts: 8618

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good morning to all my bakespace buddies and all who follow,

Got some errands done early this morning and the weather is beautiful here also. Hasn't heated up yet though, supposed to be in the 80's then 90's by the weekend. Now I'm glad we haven't closed our pool yet! Maybe I'll get one more pool day in Smile My FIL tests came back ok, so Monday he will start the radiation for his prostate cancer. (we were relieved it wasn't anywhere else!) He's holding up pretty good, has a great attitude...that in itself is half the battle...prayers welcomed and appreciated!

Jennifer- enjoy your evening out with the gals! I miss those the most! Hope your nephew has a good game, congrats on him being in the court!

Vicki- boy and to think I complain about our weather men being off! that's hilarious!

Ann Marie- hope you're feeling better soon, glad to hear you're resting today!

Tango- hope you have a fun weekend, do you have anything planned? I always can't wait until Jim is going to be out from under foot, then when he's not here, I'm pouting and missing him....women! HA! BTW, thanks for the compliment on the cake Smile

Debbie- hope Avayah's test goes well. As for the's probably a good thing she's too small for clothes, you'd def. be broke! Having had three girls, I know it's hard to pass up all those frilly dresses and cute outfits Smile

Joan- how fun, Oktoberfest! I want to take the girls to ours this year. We always say we're gonna go, but never do...ours won't be for another couple of weeks yet. BTW, the GALS at the firehouse eat just as much as the GUYS, but the thing that ticks me off....the girls all still have waistlines that are smaller than my damn thigh! Ah, to be young again, lol

Jenni- good to see you again, hope you can make it back more often!

Marlene- boy, that class is really turning into a headache! I'm with what Patti said yesterday though, I don't think I could understand all of that either! My hubby is the procastinator, but I'm the cheap one, so what you described has happened to BOTH of us before LOL

Well, gotta go dig thru the freezer and decide what's for dinner. I want to grill out now, after seeing the newsletter! HA! (you guys too?) I'll check in later, take care and everyone have a great day!
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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 21 Jun 2007
Posts: 5702
Location: near Lake Erie

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 12:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey All...

Haven't moved off the couch much today. Did go to grocery store for Hall's and orange juice. It is only a few minutes a way but it seemed to take hours to get there and back home. Sad Have an awful sinus headache...still, so stuffy. Ok, enough whining from me. Smile

Hope everyone is doing well today.

Going to go back to the couch.

Take care,
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Senior Sous Chefs

Joined: 12 Oct 2006
Posts: 141

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 3:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Evening everybody. Getting ready to hit the TV and watch the new season of Survivor tonight. Sure hope it's better than last season.

Did anyone else watch that Kitchen show last night with Gordon Ramsey? I enjoyed it. The restaurant they were at is about 20 minutes from our house so DH and I decided we're going to try it one night and see if the miserable co-owner brother ever shaped up or if he just reverted to being the world's biggest fool.

That's it for me for work for the week, I'm off 'til Tuesday. Want to attack my spare bedroom this weekend. It houses my bookshelves for my cookbooks and I sorely need to straighten those things out -- I have so many that I can't find the ones I'm looking for anymore. Hopefully, I'll actually get it done -- but I can't promise since it's supposed to be beautiful weather on Long Island, and there IS a craft fair I'd love to go to soooo....

Hope everyone had a great day! Feel-better wishes for those under the weather!!
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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 25 Nov 2006
Posts: 6328
Location: Central PA

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good evening to all my Bakespace friends. Hubby and I got the vacuuming done today, I did 4 loads of laundry, did all the throw rugs and odd little things. I also mopped the floors and cleaned the bathroom. Made us a nice dinner and baked some pumpkin bars with browned butter icing for him to take to work and I will freeze some for us to take for our long car trip to South Carolina. I think we got a lot accomplished today, of course there is always more to do tomorrow. I am still coughing away, that always drags on forever with me, but I really don't feel too bad. My DIL has the cough also, hubby said today that it will be really noisy in our condo with both of us coughing.

**Jen, hope you had a nice time with the girls and that your nephew one his soccer game. My sons used to play football, I kinda miss all the hoopla of the homecoming games etc.
**Vicki, see it is just like I tell my husband every day, you just can't trust those weather liars. I should hope that forecast was wrong!! When I read 7 degrees I hurried up and glanced to see where you were from, I thought maybe you were from Canada or something and that I had just forgotten.
**Ann Marie, I hope you are taking some antihistamines to help dry up your sinus's, the minute I stop taking mine right now, I can feel my ears and sinus's filling up. I will be glad when I kick what ever this is that I have. I hope you are feeling better for your weekend of four wheeling!
**Tango, It was nice to see some people from here on the newsletter. Glad you are not missing hubby to bad. Have fun. That is funny about your hubby worrying about your internet friend. My hubby told me he would be very upset with me, if I went to a local meeting up of some of my internet friends, and they are all from a closed board where you have to personally know someone already there to be accepted and is run by my SIL. He said the same exact thing, how do you know one of them is not an ax murderer.
**Debbie, was hoping to hear something from you about the swallowing test today. I hope it went well. Is it relaxing to get your nails done? I have never had mine done. I know what you mean about money slipping through your fingers. Especially with grandchildren. It sure is fun buying things for them though. Poor Jim, I hope his sinus infection clears up real soon.
**Joan, my one son was stationed in Texas for a couple of years, he loved going to San Antonio, isn't that where the River Walk is? He loved going to San Padre Island also. I hope I am remembering the right places. By the way, we enjoy having you here also. Everyone here really does get to be real good friends.
**Jenni, nice to see you stopping by. Not sure what happened to you, but hope your recovery is easy and quick. I went to Aquatic Therapy in the past. I didn't mind that at all.
**Marlene, glad that you hand is doing better. I bet that pizza was amazing. What a mess for you with that CD not working with your computer.
**Dd, my two sons closed the pool at the one sons house yesterday. With our cool night time temps it would have been too cool to get in even if it was open. Glad that your FIL tests came back encouraging. Do they have good German food at your Octoberfest? We loved Octoberfest time when we lived in Germany, for the food.
**Tony, yes I watched the show with Gordon Ramsey last night. I wondered the same thing, if the brother went back to being a prima donna once Gordon left. I felt bad for his poor sister. How cool that you don't live far from Peter's, tell us what it was like if you go. Hope you have a great weekend.
**Eric, I got an e-mail from the SC Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism today. Guess who was prominently displayed. Chef Billy Strynkowski!! They had a clip of him telling how to brown garlic. Totally different from what I had always heard.

Well gotta go for now, TTYL,
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