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WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20th, 2013

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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 21 Jun 2007
Posts: 5700
Location: near Lake Erie

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:06 am    Post subject: WEDNESDAY, Feb. 20th, 2013 Reply with quote

Morning everyone,

Wow, we got quite a bit of snow late last night into this morning. Thankfully it isn't snowing right now, looks windy still. Brrr!! Taking the house a while to warm up, forget to redo the temp and schedule for this morning. Rolling Eyes

Jim outside shoveling a path to the car and starting the car, hate getting into a cold car.

Didn't do a whole lot yesterday, just hibernated most of the day. Did get out to Thrifty Shopper but came home, didn't go again, that darned wind...too cold for me.

Better get around here, need to head out shortly.

Take care,

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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 25 Nov 2006
Posts: 6328
Location: Central PA

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good morning Ann, we got about two inches of snow yesterday but it was all gone by evening. Soooo windy even through the night. We lost power twice, just may have been due to the wind.
I might get a shower here soon and go with hubby to do errands. I might get a visit with my sister tomorrow. Not sure as we had a little spat, I called to tell her that it was all caused by a wrong hyper link and it is sill to be fighting over that. I apologized for my part, don't remember hearing an apology from her though. Nothing unusual there.
Our neighbor has a for sale sign in his front yard, yep, that is me doing the happy dance. I hope who ever buys it cleans the place up. They have huge piles of trash every where. It is being sold "as is" because I am sure the neighbor has no intentions of cleaning the place up. So sad to have seen the house having gone downhill so much. The older lady that used to live there was constantly cleaning, I hope she never knows how these people have trashed her place.
What is everyone up to today, I know Ann is going to work.
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Pro Chef

Joined: 14 Nov 2007
Posts: 3787
Location: gladstone michigan

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:55 am    Post subject: Hi Reply with quote

going to the Dr today will probably be mad at me again. more bad reports on stress level.

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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 22 May 2009
Posts: 6521
Location: Netherlands

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good day everybody, make it rock Very Happy

No snow, no rain, only a freezing cold wind with a lot of sunshine. And I can see the beginning of sunrise when I walk to the office in the morning and walk back home in daylight. This may be the last weekend I can dry freeze my laundry before Spring rains and higher temps will take over Smile .
Spent my day filing documents and checking legislation. Spent half an hour with the boss looking at old pictures showing a colleague who'll be working in the office for 25 years next week. Another colleague made a small booklet from them for her. We'll be partying next Friday Laughing.
Ann-Marie, you are pretty late starting hibernation. I've already seen a daffodil coming up Laughing

Carolyn, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Just keep us posted.
PattiT, glad to hear you had a fun time with Madison. She's a lucky girl with a grandma like you.
Martha and Grammadot, any news on the weight loss? Wink
{{{{Tango, Debbie}}}} How are you today?
Being a bit lazy on the cooking side today, I just whacked my potatoes in the oven, boiled a few eggs and mixed the mayonnaise with some parsley. Left me with hardly any dishes to wash Laughing .

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Capo di tutti Capi

Joined: 23 Sep 2008
Posts: 1159
Location: Rochester, N.Y.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Everybody!

Cold and windy here too. During the night, the wind was whistling around..... it sounded like a hurricane but no damage done. Yesterday we got 3-4 inches of new snow.

I made Ann's recipe for Sunrise Chicken last night. It was good! I didn't think I would like it because of the curry.... but I'm glad I tried it anyway. I guess I DO like curry after all. Smile And it was so quick and easy - it's going in my regular rotation, for sure!

Fan - Awwww, you have daffodils already?? How pretty. Thanks! Unfortunately as my mouth heals up, I'm eating more and more.... so there goes any hopes of losing much weight Sad

Pattit - Congrats on the possibility of getting a new neighbor! I hope it sells fast and someone does a makeover on the property.

Hi to everybody else out there...... hope you are all feeling better.
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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 25 Nov 2006
Posts: 6328
Location: Central PA

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

**Carolyn, so sorry to hear of all the bad things befalling your family. I think anyone would be stressed. Let us know how you make out at the Dr.s. How is hubby doing?
**Fan, my daffodils are getting taller every day, I will be so excited when I see my first bloom. Your dinners always look like something you would get in a gourmet restaurant. I bet you are looking forward to Friday, the party should be a nice celebration for the 25 year employee.
**Martha, glad you are doing well with your teeth. I can hardly wait to try that recipe of Ann's. Too bad the next couple of meals are planned. I am going to print it out and make sure I have everything to make it. I have learned a lot about dentures from you and Gramma, I never would have thought that you had to wear them right away, that just seems like it would be torture.
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Pro Chef

Joined: 12 Jul 2007
Posts: 3184
Location: cookeville tn

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hello ladies.
pattit- I thought it would be too. but it actually was worse with out. The dentist told me that they act as a bandage and helps them heal faster. I went back in this monday and he put a soft liner in them.They fit a lot better now and I don't even have to use any adhesive. I can actually eat a little bit more now. I have lost about 10 lbs so far. We went to Logan's yesterday though. and I had salmon baked potato and broccoli and ate most of it. It was so good.
If I could live my life over,
I would find you sooner so I could love you longer
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