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Friday Sept. 20

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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 25 Nov 2006
Posts: 6328
Location: Central PA

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:10 am    Post subject: Friday Sept. 20 Reply with quote

I am wondering how many more days of the windows wide open we will have. It is just great to not be using air conditioning or heat, I could get used to this.
Sorry to be missing for so long. My sons looming divorce and Nick's "fiestyness" not getting better, I am afraid the two will be colliding soon. Nick is trying to be helpful but he is interfering where he shouldn't be, trying to help his brother. I don't want to interfere where I shouldn't but I feel like I should call Wanita, James' wife and let her know about Nick's condition and that James has no idea that Nick is calling her. What do you think, should I make the call or not, you are all an objective audience. Wanita has had no interaction with Nick since he has been on chemo and I am sure she is puzzled.
I did call Karen that used to be on BakeSpace to let her know how well our garden has been doing especially the tomato plant she recommended. She said unfortunately their garden did not do well at all. I told her we have gotten several bushels just from the one plant. I think next year we will forgo some of our usual tomatoes for another one of those. Not too sure though because I am having a real hard time keeping up with the tomatoes on that one. I have a box of them out in the kitchen to do something with today. Karen said her mother is doing fine, but that she is very picky with her food.
I also have more apples to make applesauce with, I only got half the apples done the other day.
My eye appt. this week showed that my eye pressures are back to normal, that is good to know. Hubby and I did errands and then went for a drive to Gettysburg afterwards. I of course asked to stop at a fruit market in the orchards I wanted to check on some peaches and looked at the prices of apples and they were twice the price that we pay at the orchard much closer to us. I was quite surprised.
**Fan, seems like Myo is quite the mystery with her eating. I hope the plan gets her back to eating like she used to. Oh my, was that morning photo ever pretty.
**Ann, rain is heading our way also, just in time for Madison's softball game on Saturday. Any new critters to take the place of those going home? Seems like there is always more critters to keep you on your toes.
**Gramma, I hope the transportation of the cake went well and that there is a beautiful wedding. Wishing Marc good luck with that job. I guess it is wonderful if he gets the job, but also sad to see your daughter moving further away. My advice with the baby, at least once while he is napping you try to sneak one in also. At our age they can be quite tiring but I know you can handle it. I think as mothers we have that mothering instinct inherent within us.
**Carolyn, I am sure you are having trouble keeping up with your garden. When does your gardening season end. You are much cooler than us so I would think yours might end before mine. Hope you are feeling back to normal. Although surgery does take a while to get completely over.
**Vicki, that seems like a lot of work for you coming up, but also lots of extended family time. What kind of cookies did you make? I had bought some of the Hersheys pumpkin spice kisses that I was going to put in some butterscotch cookies but hubby tasted one and said he hated them, so that was off my list. Madison did help me out by taking one bag of them home with her. Don't be over doing things with all the meals etc.

Well, I have laundry in and lots of work awaiting me in the kitchen so I need to get off this computer and get to it. I hope everybody has at least some fun in their weekend.
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Pro Chef

Joined: 12 Jul 2007
Posts: 3184
Location: cookeville tn

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good morning, Pattit and everyone else that stops in today. Just a quick hello this morning, I need to get moving so we can leave in a while. The rehearsal dinner is tonight at Logan's, Plus it is a 2 hr drive.
Jessica called and said that Marc's interview went well. They are reviewing it and will get back with him probably next week. One good thing, Jessica said that our neighbors up there that gave us so many problems have their house up for sale, she got a job in Mass, where they are from originally, so they will be moving away. That was one of the problems we were worried about with leaving our house empty while we are trying to sell it if Jessica and Marc move out. Well I had better get up and get going. TTYL
If I could live my life over,
I would find you sooner so I could love you longer
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Tyler's Aunt
Capo di tutti Capi

Joined: 30 Dec 2008
Posts: 1228
Location: New Hartford, NY

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good afternoon ladies. Hope all is well with you today. It's a beautiful day here in central NY, but we're supposed to have thunder showers tonight and higher temps. We'll see...

Vicki - Your post about Art Prize reminded me that I forgot about a local Andy Warhol exhibit that I wanted to check out. I'll have to see if it's still running. Thinking of you today with your uncle's funeral going on. I got a call last night from my Mom about a cousin who just died of a massive heart attack. I have never known another family with such varied and extreme health issues. Every one of them has something different, from severe rheumatoid arthritis to MS to transverse myelitis ... it's very sad. He was the oldest of 5, and his parents are still living, so they just lost their first-born son.

Fan - Sorry to hear that Myo is still having problems. Maybe she's just feeling that mid-life weight gain and trying to watch her intake. Wink

Debbie - At least your news is half/half and not all bad. Your foot might still be a problem, but at least the Cleveland Clinic was able to give you some relief. Must be such a drain to have to go through this constantly! Sad Glad to hear Tiffany is in a good spot with the kids and their new apartment. I definitely empathize with the weight issue! I could seriously eat nothing and still not lose. For whatever reason, my body seems to require a 3 hr workout every day to budge an ounce. Although, I could probably make at least a small dent if I do like you and skip the soda (and all my Dunkin Donuts coffee). I have been a little better about drinking water over the summer, especially with lemon. I've never been a water person - most seem to make my throat dry, which seems counter-intuitive. Poland Springs is the only one I like.

GrammaPatti - Hmmm, that's the first time I've heard of trading a wedding cake for a baby. Wink Hope the transport went well ... for both of them.

I went to the grocery store the other day and actually found Meyer Lemons. I have never come across them before, so I had to grab a few. I baked up a batch of mini meyer lemon cupcakes last night and was going to bring them to the office with me today, but I ran out of enthusiasm for the day by then and didn't feel like dealing with frosting and decorating lol. Did too much running around earlier in the day. Strangely, they smell/taste to me almost like they have thyme in them. I know they're supposed to be an orange/lemon hybrid, but I really wasn't getting that. Still interesting though.

Hello to PattiT, Carolyn, and anyone else who stops by.
~ Chris


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