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Wednesday, November 15 - Good Morning
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Pro Chef

Joined: 12 Oct 2006
Posts: 3801
Location: Michigan

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:03 am    Post subject: Wednesday, November 15 - Good Morning Reply with quote

Good Morning, Everyone!

I was planning on baking pumpkin muffins this morning, but may have to go on an unexpected errand this morning. Sometimes I use a muffin recipe for a coffee cake. That is always popular, too.

I'd better take care of some laundry and cleaning.

Have a nice day,
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Garde Manger Chef

Joined: 13 Oct 2006
Posts: 36
Location: Illinois

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mornin Vicki and everyone else. I made it back from Florida with all the christmas ornaments in 1 piece. I had my doubts. Shocked I came home to company that is still here. They will be leaving Friday and the next will be here Tuesday. Just enough time to do laundry and change all the beds for the next visitors. Laughing I love having company as long as I have a few days in between. My son is deer hunting and just called and has 1 so far.
Vicki are the muffins done yet??? They sound so good. Bring them on over and join the crowd here. I have the coffee make and of course the Diet Coke is on ice.
Talk to you all later
Smile, it might make someone's day.
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Pro Chef

Joined: 13 Oct 2006
Posts: 4585
Location: West Virginia

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good Morning VICKI and KATHY and ALL MY TOH FRIENDS Very Happy .....This morning is a busy day for me also! I think the dryer is fixed, well at least with a temp fix. DH had to order 2 parts for it, but at least it's working. So finishing up the laundry and cleaning the house is in my future today. DH is working out of town again today and won't be home until 8:00. I was going to make a meatloaf for dinner, but he won't want a full course meal when he comes home, so I'll make that tommorrow. Probably whip him up a quick sandwich of some kind when he gets home, at least that's what I'm fixing me . Today is supposed to be in the mid 50's with 100% chance of rain ...YUCK! That will make it colder and damp and gloomy....A good day for baking, reading or chatting with friends!
Speaking of baking...VICKI, those pumpkin muffins sound sooo good!! Like KATHY said bring them over and she's got the drinks and I'll provide the plates, cups and napkins! Kathy did I miss something...What's this about bringing Christmas ornament from Florida? What kind of ornaments were they? I love ornaments and Christmas decorations. I told DD yesterday..I'm ready to start decorating. I usualy wait until the first week-end in Dec. ,but I think this year it might be the week-end after ThanksgivingI might wished I would have waited longer...since BLAKE(DGS) is learning how to walk...He might decide to re-decorate the tree>>LOL
Well I 'd better get going and get some things done before my DGS's come this afternoon.
hELLO to anyone who stopped in while I was typing. I hope everyone has a good day...Take care...Debbie

A clean house is the sign of a broken computer.
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Senior Sous Chefs

Joined: 14 Oct 2006
Posts: 149
Location: Los Angeles, California

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good morning Vicki, Kathy, Debbie and everyone who follows me into the pantry today. I actually got ready early enough to do a quick post, yeaaa!

Vicki- Pumpking Muffins, huh? Sounds good. Tell you what, you bake them and I will do like Paula Deen and bring the Butter Laughing LOL. Don't work too hard cleaning today.

Kathy- Talking about ornaments reminds me that I make my grand children a new ornament from their Nana every year and I havent even started them yet Shocked eeek!! Where is my brain this year, just can't seem to get into any holiday spirit. I usually start in Oct with an idea, don't have the idea yet Confused . I would not love coming home from a trip to find company waiting, you are a better woman than I. I do so enjoy company but I like just a little advanced warning so I can freshen the sheets on the beds, cook up some goodies, etc.

Debbie- Glad to hear your dryer is fixed. Mine was out for over a year when my husband was so sick and the novilty of going to the laundrymat to dry got old after awhile. I didn't mind at first because it gave me a little time to look through my TOH and QC magazines. Glad mine is fixed now though.
Hope you have a happy afternoon with your grandchildren.

Wishing everyone a happy and blessed day.

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Redawna kaly_ab
Garde Manger Chef

Joined: 12 Oct 2006
Posts: 50
Location: Alberta, Canada

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 4:36 am    Post subject: Good Morning! Reply with quote

Hi Vicki, Debbie, Kathy, Jan, and everyone else who pops in today!

I have been super busy, did 10 hours on the gingerbread yesterday. The fondant siding takes a while to get done. Today I decorate the fronts of the buildings and get those attached and then it is on to the rooves. I want to do the trees tomorrow, set decoration on Friday, touch ups Saturday and then a BIG GLASS OF WINE!!!! So far it is turning out as I had pictured it!!!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Bye for now.
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Capo di tutti Capi

Joined: 12 Oct 2006
Posts: 2224
Location: SW OH

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 5:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good afternoon everyone! This is one of those days that makes me wish I had packed a lunch instead of going out. I went to Phan Shin for some chinese and then had to go to CVS, and it rained the whole time I was out. I think it's supposed to do this until Friday morning, with a little snow mixed in for good measure. I heard that by the time it's over we should have over two inches of rain. Yuck! I guess I'll bring a sandwich in tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Commis Chef

Joined: 15 Oct 2006
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 8:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very Happy Hi all. I was thinking pumpkin today to. I made some pumpkin banana bread. Is really good, but I could not seem to get the center completly done. Oh well, I will eat around it! Was really good with applesauce. It is cold and windy here today.

Have a great evening.
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Executive Chef

Joined: 15 Oct 2006
Posts: 357

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Everyone!
Well went to school today, even though I felt horrible, tried to sleep all afternoon, couldn't. I canceled my meeting for tonight, I just have to get better.
I am going if I am well tomorrow night a pampered chef party.
Don't really need anything, just want to see what they have.

I also have to decide on what pies to make for Thanksgiving. I guess apple, pumpkin and something with chocolate.
Just not in the mood, may even go to the bakery for them, depends if I feel up to it. The 2 days before Thanksgiving I will be at the hospital doing testing, giving blood and taking a course of what to expect after the surgery. So this year my family might have store bought.

They are very annoying about me cooking. last night I had a meeting at the house, before hand I made 6 stuffed artichokes, a salad, and 2 different homemade soups. They all came in at different times. But one complained this wasn't supper. I told her to get on the line at Burger King.

That really pissed me off, I was sick, had to have this meeting and I still cooked. Of course I am doing it again tonight, Made a meat sauce for macaroni, garlic bread and salad.

Sorry to be rambling, I thing the robitussin has me soaring, that's why I can't sleep.

Well off to finish the pasta
Have a great day everyone
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Executive Chef

Joined: 14 Oct 2006
Posts: 370
Location: Long Island,NY

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Everyone,
Lucky to get online- it's been one of those days Confused Must be something in the Long Island air huh LW?
Got home from work late and have to get all my stuff done around here so night night ladies and see you on the flip side Wink
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Joined: 17 Oct 2006
Posts: 159
Location: Florida

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:01 am    Post subject: good evening Reply with quote

Smile Hi guys. Had to have a mammogram done this morning. Came home from that and started baking. I baked Krrispy's Indescribably Delicious Banana Bread, GrandmaCookin's Cranberry-Orange Christmas Bread and Lagar's Ain't B's Cinnamon Bread. You can imagine the great smells coming from the kitchen. I probably am going to be baking and cooking until the night before thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a great day. And by the way it was a nice 80 today here in sunny florida.

Laughing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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