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Weekend October 19th & 20th

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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 22 May 2009
Posts: 6517
Location: Netherlands

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:07 pm    Post subject: Weekend October 19th & 20th Reply with quote

Good day everybody, have a great weekend Very Happy

How many of you will have a weekend? Considering the quietness in here I'm starting to wonder whether the US has moved to another galaxy Laughing .
I finally called my sis to give her my congratulations for her B-day on Thursday Embarassed Luckily I did send her a flower arrangement in time.
It was a day for celebrities today. The first customer at the pet shop turned out to be a politician and if everything goes well he'll be vice prime minister of this country in a couple of weeks. So we needed quite a bit of coffee to recover from the shock that he'll become a regular customer for the future. Then close to lunch time I needed something from the local supermarket and at the entrance I stumbled upon two winners of the Voice of Holland giving an autograph and photo session.

It took a long cat nap to recover from that Laughing and start my experiment on chicken liver pate. Tastewise it's yummy [cognac!], but the colouring is rather dull.

Leaves me asking whether the liver pate I buy is stuffed with artificial colours?

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Pro Chef

Joined: 12 Oct 2006
Posts: 3795
Location: Michigan

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi, Friends!

My grandchildren went home yesterday evening after dinner. Today, I'm catching up... won't be finished today. Now, I'm getting ready for a visit with friends. Over the next couple weeks, I plan on having each grandchild here for a couple days.

Fan - Is that a Chicago White Sox fan or White Sox team member/staff? I hope your sister had a lovely birthday.

Have a great weekend! I'll probably check in Monday or Tuesday.

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Pro Chef

Joined: 13 Oct 2006
Posts: 4585
Location: West Virginia

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

HELLO ONE and ALL…So sorry that I have been MIA for awhile BUT seems like the days just run together by the time I fix 3 meals a day and spend most of my waking hour with Jim and then I take 2 maybe 3 cat naps in the afternoon. Seems like we have had the kids most every week-end for several months now…not that I’m complaining but just something else to keep me busy! Anyway the long and short of it all is that I’ve missed you ALL!

Jim and I took a little drive the other day to check out the Fall Colors and in some places it was pretty and some still a lot of green! Of course neither one of thought of bringing one of our cameras! We were only gone for an hour or so and my right leg was on fire by the time we made it home. The pain was intense! I really am NOT sure I could do any traveling like to the Smokeys.

We had Cody and Avayah this week-end. Tiffany took Blake to an Indian Dance and lesson meet at the Scout Camp! This is something that the kids can do not related to Cub Scouts and Blake has chosen to take interest in the “Fancy Dance” part of the Indian Dance! His costume is very elaborate and Beautiful…lots of feathers and beading and his foot work will be right up there with Blake’s personality…fast and quick! After lots of practice, his first dance is going to be Nov. 18th, so I hope the weather is ok, because I’d like to go! Back to Cody and Avayah we had a quiet week-end as I wasn’t feeling like doing too much of anything. My balance was way off and I felt very nervous! I did manage to cook a few quick meals but No Baking or fun stuff. Cody went out and mowed and mulched the leaves this afternoon. He said that would probably be the last mowing, so of he can keep ahead of the leaves he can just mulch them or rake! Sometimes when they are mulched and bagged some of the little pieces of leaves find their way in the house on the carpet.

So let me see if I can remember some of what I read from your posts this week…….

**ANN, I hated long bust butt shifts like that when I worked! Then you’d come home and play Little Miss Susie homemaker by keeping care of the house, laundry and your hubby too, oh yea and lets not forget the kids, furry or otherwise! Then on top of it all, you could never afford the time to get sick…who would take care of all your responsibilities? Always feeling tired though “MIGHT” be because of the long hours and not getting the correct sleep and not eating right…BUT you might mention it to your doctor. Did you check and see about “Pari-Menopase”? Also Google Over-active Thyroid , I was either over-active or under-active, but I had every symptom listed and printed off the list took it to my doctor and he ran a blood test for it and sure enough, gave me some Meds and when I remember to take it, I feel better. Speaking of feeling bad…how is Willow feeling now that she’s been on that Flea Medicine for a little while?

**FAN, Interesting to see so many Famous People in one day! Yes, I'm partially to blame for this side of the pond looking as if we went to another Galaxy. I'm going to try real hard to stop here before I do anything else in the morning! Keeping mighty busy at work I see. Is this because it’s close to the end of the year? Our company that Jim and I worked for, had what they called EOY reporting and it took all the month of January to get the reports out to our customers. You could Not miss being at for work for anything short of dying! You could always count of some Over-time too. And NOW all your company’s work is on HOLD til further notice. That’s a real bummer, especially when you were wanting to finish up with it soon. You mentioned Myo liking it when you turn on the furnace….all our Fur-Babies love the warmth of the sun or the furnace don’t they? By the way I thought your Zucchini Cheese Pie looked good. Jim wouldn’t like it though, as his love of veggies is pretty limited.

**PAT, That stinky ole Dog Max…rolling around in stinky stuff. Wonder why they do that? We had a Cocker once that we took out to a field to let him run and he got onto this smell, close to where we were standing …and smelled and rolled and smelled again and rolled…my golly if there was a way to get him home without putty his smelly butt in the car, we would have! So the visit to see DH didn’t go to well. I so sorry to hear that. He was doing pretty good wasn’t he. Was he still on that Meds. that they are starting to give Alzheimer’s Patients …He was doing good on it. Now they have to increase his Meds that they had lowered, maybe he’s getting too use to them and needs a change. Does he still know who you are? I will keep Him , but especially YOU in my Prayers my Friend as you have gone through a lot my yourself! And Bless your heart, falling asleep at the wheel and going off the road! Thank God you woke up when you did. Good advice from the State Trooper too.

**PATTI, Your Niece’s Wedding sounded Beautiful! Oh and the Honeymoon in Jamaica, they will have so much fun! How sweet of your Son to offer to treat you to a day of Pampering. Just having your hair done is about all this ole body could take and probably the same with you. Then off to your other Sons to set on their back deck with a nice Fire going and relaxing. Sorry to hear all the running got your back and legs hurting, glad that Back Brace helped. Would it help if you wore it while you were busy than after? Oh yea, Congratulations to your Sons Friend Najada for becoming a US Citizen. What country is she originally from?

**VICKI, Beautiful picture of the Leaves. As I mentioned above we went on the hunt for beautiful Fall Colors and forgot our cameras. Heck they both probably needed the battery charged! Congratulations to the new addition to the Family! I like the name “Asher” and a nice size baby too. Tiffany and I are use to giving birth to under 6 lbs-ers! So how is Brother and Sister taking the news? All excited I’m sure. Now you’ll have 3 here close to babysit for! Speaking of computer problems…I just hate that. Mine computer is so close to dying it’s not funny. I think that’s why I don’t use it all the time anymore …takes so long to load, then it changes screens to someplace I’ve never been, goes off by it’s self and needs turned back on and the list goes on and on! Glad you got your sorta fixed!

**AXEL, Looks like you and Kathy are still staying busy with all that baking! Interesting study on the “Unknown Heroes of the Bible” Pineapple Cream Cake…..Have you ever tasted the one that Olive Garden has on their menu? It is to Die for…my most favorite dessert! Did you make this one you ate? If you did, would you PLEASE share your recipe?

**KAREN, I happened to see you stop in over at Vicki’s post about the New addition. So many times I think of you and wonder how your busy life is going. I miss seeing you post here like you use too. I think about calling you, then I tell myself you’re probably not home or busy at home doing something. How’s the family and your lovely Mother? I watched a little bit of the Steelers game the other nite and thought about you then, wondering if you were watching it too. Anyway, wanted to say hello to ya and mention to try and find a minute to stop back in we miss ya!

OK, I definitely have done a BIG Chapter this time. Sorry about that. I guess that’s what happens when you wait for a week to post! Sending out Hellos to MARTHA, CAROLYN, TANGO, SHERYLE, PATTICAKE, PAT Q, PATT/Kity (where on earth are YOU Girl?) That concludes my this , if I missed anyone let me know! Hope Everyone has a good rest of the week-end! HUGS!

A clean house is the sign of a broken computer.
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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 21 Jun 2007
Posts: 5697
Location: near Lake Erie

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello everyone,

Does anyone else get a little window for some Scorecard survey?? Kind of annoying.

Didn't even turn on the computer yesterday, and it was nice. Smile Laid around most of the day, had no ambition whatsoever. Did get up and make lunch (Cavatini), then later in the afternoon did the dishes. Jim said he didn't feel good, said he just felt tired. Told him that sounds like what I had on Wed, wonder if it was some thing going around??

Need to go buy a new kitchen faucet, ours is dripping really bad. Maybe look around on line first, get the best price.

Debbie - no, haven't looked anything up on the computer lately, seems like I am only on it for a little bit in the mornings before I go to work. Not thyroid, have that checked every year when I go get my PAP.

Better get around here, have lots to do after doing nothing yesterday. Rolling Eyes

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Pro BakeSpacer

Joined: 22 May 2009
Posts: 6517
Location: Netherlands

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi everybody, have a fantastic Sunday Very Happy

Kind of hard to get going today, got up with a soaring headache and decided to sit it out on the couch. I'm feeling much better now, but still a bit slugnutty.
Ann-Marie, I think it's my turn today accomplishing nothing Laughing Apart from creating a mushroom soup.

Debbie, too bad you didn't have your camera with you. I saw the colours on the very few trees in a street nearby this morning, made me wish living closer to the forest.

My gosh, you are really busy these days Smile . Sorry to hear your leg is troubling you and keeping you from doing the things you'd like to do. As for Avayah and Cody, a low profile weekend without a lot of excitement may be a good thing for them learning something about "being together".
My work is not really coming to a halt, there are so many projects to work on. But I really would have liked to finish this big one, since it already kept me busy for two years. And the problem this time is a leakage from the roof. The end of the year hectic luckily never affects my job and projects. To be honest it's the best time for me to take a vacation without being worried about new projects piling up. Very Happy .
Vicki, this guy has got nothing to do with the Chicago White Sox. He's only the winner of the Voice of Holland and happens to have a cap of the White Sox Laughing .

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Capo di tutti Capi

Joined: 13 May 2008
Posts: 1299
Location: Live Oak, Florida

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Y'all:

Good to hear from you Debbie. Know what you mean about the days running together, happens all the time here.

Didn't get into anything yesterday except for "normal" daily stuff. Right knee & ankle were causing me some pain yesterday so I ended up watching tv with my leg up. Not much pain when I first get up but then after spending some time walking around it increases.

Took me 5 hours to rearrange furniture in the lr today. I can't stand leaving furniture in the same place forever. DH always worked 3 to 11 shift so I did most of my cleaning in the evening. He would come home after I had moved all the furniture & bump into things. Trust me I would hear about it. Then when he would tell the stories about it he would exaggerate everything.

The meds he is given to control his "behavior" sedates him...a lot. They like to every once in a while reduce the dosages to see how will he will do. Hello- ... Did we learn anything??? I hate the meds but unfortunately they are needed.

Y'all take care...

Don't let life get in the way of your dreams
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