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Nov. 21 Wednesday 1 day before Thanksgiving
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Pro Chef

Joined: 13 Oct 2006
Posts: 4585
Location: West Virginia

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GOOD EVENING FRIENDS.......I'm late getting back...made pizza for dinner, and then Jim and I work on my Thanksgiving Day Bakespace sign and I just got finished! It's not mt best work by no means, but I've been out of the crafting loop for years now! I was on about 5:30 and had most of the note typed and minimized it to go find a Happy Anniversary graphic for Babette and my computer decided it wanted to act up like it has for the past couple days...any it totally signed me out of the Pantry. I'm going to have to have Jim looka t it next week when he's off! This is the first chance I've had to be back. I was going to make my Noodles tonite, but it's after 10 o'clock, I might as well wait til morning.....I think I'll get up about 6 and get started.....there's nothing I hate worse than be rushed! We have to leave for Jim's Parents about 12:30, I wish she would eat a little bit later in the about 2! Big ole Andy cat is laying here on the desk giving himself a bath...I just got finished rubbing his belly! What a's all good except the using of the litter box! We've gotten a little bit of rain, but nothing but'll probably wait until tomorrow to down-pour! At leeast it's bringing all the leaves down finally. Jim's going to pick them up with the lawn mower bagger next week. I have alittle surprise for him that he doesn't know about yet! Shhhhh don't tell him BUT I'm going to ask him to bring up the Christmas decorations from the basement and put up the tree while he's on vacation! I know it'll be a little earlier than I like it, but will be the perfect time to do it!

**TANGO, So what did you have your DH help you do? Did you both have fun working together? Boy I don't know what to tell you about your Sun painting. Is it in a Family room or something? If so I guess you could always paint a mountain scene, ocean scene or a flower garden with butteflies in it. can you tell I lean towards the nature side of things? Let us know what you finally decide and oh yea...don't forget to take pictures!

**ERIC, Hope you made it to Wally World in time to get the Nintendo System. Personally I agree with Babette...I'd wait until after Christmas when you can probably get one for 150 dollars instead of 300! Oh yea,I forgot you're a rich guy huh? LOL! No reaslly, I'd probably do the same thing if my daughter or grandchildren wanted something really bad for Christmas...I'd make sure I'd get it no matter the price and that's why storews raise thier price on things because they know we want to please those we love!

**BABETTE, I can't rmember if I told you the Thanksgiving News letter was nice. I also wanted to wish you and your special guy (I can't remember his name) a Happy Anniversary! How many years has it been? Do you think you might get one of those little blue boxes anytime soon? Oh yea, How's the cat that was tinkling doing? Any better?

**ANN MARIE, I can't believe your brothers almost X wife would have the nerve to set and break bread with you and your Family, especially after the way she talk to you all! That's going to be awful ackward for everyone concered! I guess you all will have to make the best of a sticky situation! I'll be thinking about you and hope she doesn't ruin the day for everyone!

**JOAN, I watched the weather channel yesterday and seen where all the Canada cold is coming clear down into Texas. that's quite a big change in temps from the 80's to the 40's! No Black Friday shopping for me...there's no wayI'd go fight the crowds. But I hope you find some really good bargins. Let us know !

**JENNIFER, I hope your neighbor lady that was missing with the UPS man...I hope she got a " nice size package" from him! LOl I'm sorry I just HAD to say's my orny side coming out!

** JOY, Glad you made it safely! Have fun shopping on Friday and hope you find some good bargins too....let us know what you bought! I had to laugh at your comment about wearing your "Eating Pants" too

**PATTI, So you've been busy baking too huh? I think most of us have! Hey I'm past menopause and I wear T-shirts in the house all winter! Today I almost opened a window when I had the oven on. I'm getting up early too to get started..I hate to be rushed.

I guess I'm gonna get off here for now and go check the TOH board and then Myspace! Hope everyone gets a good nites rest and is ready for the big day tomorrow! HUGS.......Debbie

A clean house is the sign of a broken computer.
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Capo di tutti Capi

Joined: 25 May 2007
Posts: 1739
Location: Alaska

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 10:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ann Marie - If your nephew is stationed at Elmendorf, then yes, that it pretty close. It is just outside of Anchorage so about 130 miles away.

Vikki - My son and I are having a small meal here at our condo. We were going to eat out but then my work gave us all turkeys. I don't have a chest freezer so turkey and the fixins it is! It will be the first time in a long time that I haven't cooked a big spread for a husband and a bunch of other people. Feels and I feel the need to keep busy. So I am starting to dig out my holiday recipes that I have been wanting to try. I am going to start our turkey in a bit and then work on candied orange peels for my fruit log that I need to start feeding before it is too late.

Eric - I am glad to hear that your new gig is going so well. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see those pics of you and Jodie. She is gorgeous inside and out. Hey, are you sure that you don't want me to hook you up with some bath products? I used to own a little bath and body business in KS. I was pulling in 2-3k a month in pure profit plus a day job. So I certainly know my way around the soap bubbles. I could hook you up with some good and still manly stuff LOL!

Jennifer - Butter anything sounds good. I am diabetic so I don't do the sweets but heck if I am going to give up butter. Everything is better with butter.

ddpie & Debbie - My mom's husband is somehow related to Jennie. I don't know exactly what the story is but I think Jennie's mom used to be his ex mother in law. But Jennie isn't his kid. So either his ex wife's kid or her siblings' kid. Again, not sure how that goes. I was born and raised 40 minutes north of where Jennie is from. I can't blame her for trying to get out of that state LOL! I haven't been watching it so thanks for the spoilers because now I know how it ended and I the best part is that I didn't have to watch it all Smile I am used to the sci fi channel, discovery, and the history channel but don't have them at my new place. I haven't been able to get into all the reality shows on tv. The sci fi channel was odd, the reality shows are a different sort of odd!

It is 9pm here, partly cloudy, light rain, and 37 degrees. It is supposed to rain for the next few days, high tomorrow of 40. Weather says that it is to snow starting Friday and snow is to stay on tap until next Friday.

Have a great Holiday everyone!

Seward, Alaska
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