KitchenAid Appliance-a-Day Giveaway

To Get Started:

  1. Review the Calendar of Prizes to see what prize will be given away each day.
  2. Earn online raffle tickets for each daily giveaway by submitting original recipes and/or getting friends to accept your invitation to join. One ticket for every original recipe and three tickets for every friend that joins.
  3. Check the Official Points Tally to size up the competition for the daily giveaway, and see where you stand for the grand prize giveaway.
  4. Have fun as you help to build the grassroots BakeSpace community!
HOW IT WORKS             See Official Giveaway Rules

The giveaway is open to all members. If you're not a member, click here to join.

To enter, simply upload an original recipe or invite a friend to join BakeSpace.

For each uploaded recipe or accepted invitation, you will receive online raffle tickets that enter you into that day's giveaway. The more raffle tickets you earn during a given day, the better your chance of winning that day's appliance. Please note that in order for entries to count, each recipe must be original (i.e., in some way unique and not copied from another source), and each membership invitation must be accepted.

To invite friends, go to “My Kitchen” and then click on the “Invite a Friend” link on the left. Select your message, add your friends email addresses (separated by a comma) and click send. Once your friend accepts the invitation, the points will be credited to your profile.

Winners for each daily giveaway will be selected via a random drawing, and announced after midnight U.S. Eastern Time.

A new giveaway will begin each day, so a total of 29 appliances will be awarded during the month. In addition, two grand prizes will be awarded on March 1st; one to the member who submitted the most recipes throughout the month-long giveaway, and the other to the member who got the most friends to join.

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