Here's what a few of our members have to say about BakeSpace..

"I accidentally came across this website while looking for a cuban recipe for my cooking group. Not only did I find the recipe but I found great friends here. I have to log in to the pantry forum every day to say hello to my bakespace family. For those of us in the NJ/NY area we have a meetup scheduled so we can finally meet face to face! Thanks Babette for creating this site!"

- love2cookmb

"When my friend mentioned how cool BakeSpace was, I decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did!! Reading all the wonderful recipes posted has motivated me to cook and bake so much more then I did in the past. I actually enjoy cooking again!

The Pantry Forums are a great place to give and get advice and voice your opinions - about cooking or anything under the sun. I am happy to have found some great people here and can't wait everyday to get connected. "

- cara1971

"About 1 and 1/2 years ago I was a frequent reader/poster on another forum where I found out about BakeSpace. I've enjoyed swapping recipes with all of the members and have tried and enjoyed many new recipes thanks to BakeSpace. I now visit the BakeSpace Pantry Forums every day, more than once a day, and have made many friends. Several of us plan to meet for the first time, I hope the first of many meetings, in Indiana on May 30. Oh, about that other forum....I rarely go there now."

- cookiebakr

"The brilliance of is that it feeds our love for food of all kinds but also connects us as a foodloving "family" of sorts. You think you are signing up just to swap recipes? Oh no. The next thing you know someone on the other side of the country is giving you moral support regarding a new food adventure, giving you advice on being more green in the kitchen, or simply being a good friend. That's what makes it such a special haven."

- Julianna aka julib

"I am a HUGE BakeSpace fan!! I joined after hearing about it on another cooking website. I used to check it out several times a day. Now I never go there. I have everything I ever could want or need in a food site right here. I have found so many great recipes, unfortunately probably more than I will be ever able to make in a lifetime, ha ha. But best of all, I have made so many friends here in the forums. There are so many interesting topics, questions, answers and LOADS of fun and outright laughter. Babette, has really turned this into a great place, she has been personally helpful to me many times and I love that she joins in on the "conversations" in the different topics. Come join us, you will be glad that you did."

- Patti aka pattit

"Why BakeSpace?... It's become a part of daily life...

First, it's a place for anyone who likes to cook or bake. Or would like to able to cook or bake. Or would like to accomplish either, better. Or would like to share this knowledge with others. Or would like to just do their own thing.

A place to find recipes....not just one, but often, several versions of a recipe. Each shared by someone just like you. Free for the tasting. You can even comment on the recipes and save them to your own cookbook. ...and all printable for your convenience.

A place to safely save the recipes you have worked so hard to your own cookbook, ready to share at the drop the enter key. A safe recipe haven till it's time to give them over to the next generation...

A place to discuss recipes and food with people from all over the world...Yes, the world.

A place to learn how to hone your baking/cooking skills, or lack thereof...

There is always someone to help when dinner must be perfect. There are always friendly people to help you decide on, perfect, display, and achieve great food.

A place to find kindred folks who like to cook the same way you do...whether from scratch or from a box, or anything in between.

A place to find great ideas ... and lots of input from the people you come to know as friends.

A place to find friendly people who have real lives, just like yours...or , sometimes, like in the movies or a soap opera. They came for the food and stayed for the on-line family.

A place to view and/or post pictures of food creations... all from a loving cook going about their kitchen life.

A place to get hints, tricks and helps in the kitchen and around the house...herb gardens...going green... saving time...converting weights and measures...substitutions for ingredients you don't have...the list grows all the time.

A place to help decide on the next kitchen gadget or find a discussion on new kitchen products ....just ask about it, and you get lots of pros and cons to make it easier to get the best possible buy for your needs.

A place to talk to and interact with some of the nicest people in any kitchen in the world."

- Pat aka Qui

"I first stumbled onto bakespace while doing a search for recipes. At first, I wanted to just grab some recipes real quick like and move on, but I took the time to look around and see what all the site had to offer. I'm so glad I did!

I quickly realized that bakespace was different than other recipe sites, it's more than just a database of recipes, it's a whole wide world of cultures, cuisines, traditions, cooking/baking methods and ideas. Friendly people are always around answering questions and offering suggestions or swapping ideas or just having loads of fun! It truly is like having a "living cookbook" at your fingertips and so much more.

I've only been here a little less than a year now and I find myself here everyday learning something new and having a blast with all of the great people that are now not just my friends, but more like family. The only bad thing about bakespace is that it is totally addicting and I find I can't stay away. (if that's a bad thing)

P.S don't worry, we have a support group for bakespace addicts too"

- ddpie

"I stumbled across bakespace one day when I was also looking for A certain recipe . I was on A sight that had recipes and than came across the pink cupcake and thought to myself seaings that I love to bake I clicked on it and with A lot of help and suport from babette to get me started I have been addicted ever sence. So mamy nice freindly people to associate everyday live. Some good times and some not so good. But I am sure glad I joined this wonderful sight. Carolyn Thanks A lot Babette."

- carolyn

"Bake Space is just a great place to hang out with on-line friends, exchange recipes and talk about our daily lives. I was on another cooking/baking website and heard about Bake Space...prefer Bake Space over all other cooking sites. Have found TONS of wonderful recipes. Warning: this place is ADDICTIVE, just like chocolate!"

- Ann_Marie_PA

"I came across Bakespace last year and have been hooked since. I check in here at least once a day to see what everyone has been up to and to share my latest cake creations. I have been on other baking sites and this one is so much more friendly and supportive. It is more like a family site than just a cooking site."

- patticake51 aka grammadotcom

"When I first stumbled into Bakespace I thought, oh just another recipe site. I expected to find some recipes and maybe a forum with a few threads posted. Well I was wrong. I found a site with so many great ideas, great food, and above all great people. I'm constantly amazed at the knowledge of the people on this site. It runs from beginners to professionals, and they're always ready to answer your questions and offer advice on how to do something or where to find a missing ingredient. I love that most of the recipes posted have all been prepared by the members and there's comments about how well (or not so well) they turned out. My favorite thread is What's for Dinner. It's really fun seeing what everyone is preparing and I get so many great ideas. I've learned a lot here and have made some great friends, but just a friendly warning about Bakespace. It's the most addictive site I've ever joined and I caution you enter at your own risk."

- Carol aka kalola