WEBSITE REVIEW MIXINGBOWL.COM is food-themed social network created by Ripple6 and magazine publisher/consumer database company Meredith Corp.

While attempts to emulate the look and feel of genuine grassroots communities such as BakeSpace, it was designed to serve as a vehicle for Ripple6 and Meredith to apply their advanced backend analytics to track online activity, including conversations between individual members. As described in a series of videos promoting the launch of the site to advertising agencies and brand marketers, Ripple6 and Meredith executives explain in detail how mixingbowl's analytics enable advertisers to identify and distinguish members who are "mavens" from those who are "passersby." In other words, those members more likely to pass along an advertising message vs. those who are less likely. Given that this is how the creators describe, it would seem that there's very little that's genuinely grassroots about the site.

Those of you who are longtime BakeSpace members may recall that we worked with Meredith back in December 2007 on our "Sweet Sampler Plate" promotion.

Mixingbowl was scheduled to launch in November 2008, but instead launched in "beta testing" mode in mid-January 2009. Odds are it will be promoted heavily in Meredith's large roster of magazines. In addition, Meredith recently (merged) with Gannet Company, which publishes 85 daily newspapers across the U.S. - thereby giving mixingbowl vast resources for self promotion.

Mixingbowl is available at


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