Hi, I'm Janet43.

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My Canning Corner

Why I want to be mentor in this category:
Lots of bad canning advoce out there. A sealed jar doesn't mean the contents are safe.

What inspires me in this category:
Canning reminds me of time spent with my grandmother in the kitchen. And I love enjoying my garden year round!

Certified master food preserver and culinary judge - including canned goods.

Biggest Lesson Learned:
Practice makes perfect.

Books, classes, teachers that have helped me:
Training via university extension, Ball Blue Book

Education, Awards, Pro Experience:
Certified Master Food Preserver, Culinary Judge, Cooking Class instructor

My Tips:

  • Don't use "homespun" canning recipes. If your recipe is older that 15 years, find a new one from a reputable source: USDA, university extension or Ball Blue Book.