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My Cupcakes Corner

Why I want to be mentor in this category:
I have such a passion for baking and helping others. Anything I can do to make the world a sweeter place!

What inspires me in this category:
They are the cutest most delectable sweets. Not too much and not too little and with the perfect balance of flavors can be extraordinarily!

Winner of Season 3 Food Network Cupcake Wars. I am a Wilton Certified trained baker. Other then that I am self taught by trial and error!

Biggest Lesson Learned:
Time and precise measuring is KEY in baking. You cannot eyeball ingredients as you can with traditional cooking.

Books, classes, teachers that have helped me:
Wilton's 4 courses, Pila's Pantry classes in airbrushing and fondant, Julia Child's, Alton Brown, Bakerella.

Education, Awards, Pro Experience:
Owner of Goodie Girls Cupcakery in Glendale, CA. Winner of Food Networks Cupcake Wars. Wilton Certified. 2nd place at Cupcake Camp Los Angeles 2010.

My Tips:

  • Make sure you have the time to start a baking session as they need your devoted attention.
  • Bake what YOU would love to eat.
  • Always bring passion to the table. You can taste it!