Hi, I'm pattit.

I'm a mentor in German

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My German Corner

Why I want to be mentor in this category:
I noticed no one had taken this category, I waited to see if someone more experienced would take it, but hated to see no one as a mentor.

What inspires me in this category:
I am inspired by the German food category because I want everyone to find things to love about this style/type of cooking.

I lived in Germany for several years and learned to love the food. I also live in Central Pa and am experienced in PA Dutch cooking which is mostly based on a German style of cooking.

Biggest Lesson Learned:
Be open minded and try new things. You might be surprised.

Books, classes, teachers that have helped me:
I have a few German cookbooks, lived in Germany and have practiced lots of cooking with German rooted recipes.

Education, Awards, Pro Experience:
I have been cooking for over 40 years, and love it. I won the Betty Crocker award in high school. Took a cooking class in Germany. Basically enjoy helping people when I can.

My Tips:

  • Don't be afraid to adjust recipes to your taste!