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My Weight Watchers Corner

Why I want to be mentor in this category:
Weight Watchers is a great program, and it is the only program that has been successful for me. I would like to share with others my recipes and my experience.

What inspires me in this category:
When I joined Weight Watchers, it was after almost a year of trying on my own to lose weight. My doctor had recommended the weight loss to help get my blood pressure down. At the time I started, I weighted 211 lbs, and I was taking 3 blood pressure pills daily and 1 cholesterol med. Today, I only need 1 blood pressure pill a day.

I joined Weight Watchers in July 2006. I haven't reached my goal weight but I have lost 60 lbs. I has been a slow process for me but I enjoy trying to 'skinny down' recipes.

Biggest Lesson Learned:
I have learned so many lessons during my journey. The importance of fiber in the diet. Drinking plenty of water. Learning to exercise. Learning to enjoy food. And..... You can have dessert every day and still be successful.

Books, classes, teachers that have helped me:
I'm a current Weight Watchers member, with approximately 15 cookbooks and many recipes from friends and Weight Watchers members. I'm also always trying to 'skinny down' some of my favorites.

Education, Awards, Pro Experience:
I'm not an expert, and since I'm not at my goal weight, I'm still on the journey. I have struggles, and days that are successful and days that are not so successful. I have a book shelf full of books and recipes that I have collected and I regularly review and test different dishes. My husband is not on Weight Watchers, so I am always looking for a dish that is very tasty for him

My Tips:

  • Food can be healthy and taste good.
  • Fiber is very important.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables should be on your list every day.
  • Weight Watchers is a lifestyle.