Hi, I'm ricklevine.

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My Chocolate Corner

Why I want to be mentor in this category:
I love talking about and teaching about chocolate. It's what I do.

What inspires me in this category:
The taste of chocolate never fails to amaze me. By turns simple and then astoundingly complex, I'm always captivated by it. Like music, there's good, bad and great, but even AM radio is sometimes worth sampling. That's chocolate.

I founded a small artisan chocolatier in Boulder, Colorado. I started working as a line cook in pastry 30 years ago, did a detour into high-tech, and came back to chocolate eight years ago.

Biggest Lesson Learned:
Don't give up. Ask for help. Love what you do.

Books, classes, teachers that have helped me:
Jean-Pierre Wybauw, Pierre Herme, Alice Medrich, Jacques Torres, Jean-Paul Hevin, Wilfred J Fance, Peter Greweling, Andrew Garrison Shotts, Robert Linxe, and those are the ones immediately in front of me on the shelf.

Education, Awards, Pro Experience:
I'm a self-taught chocolatier. I run Seth Ellis Chocolatier in Boulder, Colorado.

My Tips:

  • Only sell things you really like to eat.