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Mentor In: Appetizer

Why I want to be mentor: because i have a good deal to offer (and to learn) from half a lifetime of experience. because i love what i do and even more i love talking about it with others who feel the same.

Lesson Learned: patience. being able to recover on the fly if ingredients are unacceptable or unobtainable. and that apps are fun, and that the enjoyment should be shared by everyone in the end result.

Tip: love life by eating great food. it's one of the simplest pleasures that exist.


Roseville, CA

Mentor In: Appetizer, Dessert, Cake, Fondant, Camping, Crowd Cooking, Dinner Party

Why I want to be mentor: I'm a former professional caterer and baker...Lots of experience, lots of lessons learned, lots of advice to share!

Lesson Learned: Presentation and taste are more important in an appetizer than in anything have one chance to make people WANT to eat it, and one or two bites to convey everything to make them want more!

Tip: Two bites max...larger proportions make for lousy appetizers.