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Mentor In: Barbecue, South American

Why I want to be mentor: To help people learn about true southern bbq.

Lesson Learned: control your heat!

Tip: 220 degrees farenheit


Mentor In: Barbecue

Why I want to be mentor: BBQ is my passion when cooking. Each experience is different, and results in a delicious new adventure.

Lesson Learned: Every cut of the hog is different and requires different attention during the cooking process. If you cook the hog as one peice of meat, youre really just cooking to the lowest common denominator.

Tip: BBQ is not a verb!


Kansas City

Mentor In: Barbecue, Bread

Why I want to be mentor: Have the experience, willing to share.

Lesson Learned: How to Que.

Tip: Keep it simple...


Lynnwood, WA

Mentor In: Pork, Barbecue

Why I want to be mentor: I really like to let people understand a recipe is just an outline, cooking is all about you!

Lesson Learned: Patience, gotta have it...the lack of it can ruin a great meal. It's not just high heat or no heat...use the whoile dial!

Tip: If you don't gill your Portabello mushromms before sauteing...they will turn your sauce black.


Broken Arrow, OK

Mentor In: Barbecue

Why I want to be mentor: To help promote the art and science of outdoor cooking

Lesson Learned: How to run a smoker, make sauces and rubs. All phases of outdoor cooking in general.

Tip: Too many to list. You ask a question and I'll give you a correct answer/answers