Found 12 Mentors.


Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: I love to bake breads and pastry. It is my favorite pastime. I just want to help others love it as much as I do.

Lesson Learned: I\'ve learned that bread baking takes much trial and error. While you may be frustrated in the beginning, you have to be calm and persevre.

Tip: Do not let your bread rise over the reccomended rising time, it will fall and never rise again.


Kansas City

Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: I would love to share my passion for homemade baking with more people. In this economy baking your own bread just makes more sense.

Lesson Learned: Its all about quality ingredients and technique.

Tip: Practice makes perfect bread.


Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: As a passionate home baker and a former teacher, I am delighted to combine both skills.

Lesson Learned: With a basic sourdough recipe, there are numerous variations you can make. This type of baking takes a lot of time and patience.

Tip: If baking two batches of sourdough, you can start one in the evening, refrigerate it overnight to rise, and then start another batch the next morning. You end up with double the amount of bread with very little additional time.


Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: I take such joy out of the activity of baking and sharing bread, and this would be a way to expand the joy.

Lesson Learned: Most people like bread, and most will adore it if it is homebaked, which is not all that hard to do. It is not at all expensive, but creates a sense of abundance when incorporated in a party or any meal. The variety possible is limitless.

Tip: It only takes as much time as you want to spend to make very good bread daily.


central Arkansas

Mentor In: Bread, Biscuit

Why I want to be mentor: I love to teach and I love to bake, sounds like a great combination. I have good cooking instincts as well.

Lesson Learned: Baking bread is time consuming but overall, not complicated. A few simple ingredients make a staple of society.

Tip: It is so cliche, but it is true. Use quality ingredients, it makes a difference.

Galley Wench

West Coast of Mexico or The Mountains of Arizona

Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: To share my knowledge with others!

Lesson Learned: Sourdough is like a pet, it needs to be feed regularly and it\'s home needs to be kept clean!

Tip: I'm a purest when it comes to Sourdough Starters and would NEVER use commercial yeast!

gluten free baker

Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: I am committed to sharing what I have learned with others in this suggestion so that they may begin eating wonderful breads.

Lesson Learned: I learned that it is possible to make gluten, dairy and egg free sourdough but that it must be treated a bit differently than wheat or rye sourdough.

Tip: It is important to feed the starter 2-3 times a day/


Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: Bread baking is a wonderful craft, and I want to encourage and support newbies, and help taking the scary out of bread baking.

Lesson Learned: Don\'t go by the kitchen timer - trust your eyes and your feeling.

Tip: Your finger is one of the most important bread baking tools - the poke test trumps the kitchen timer.


Kansas City

Mentor In: Barbecue, Bread

Why I want to be mentor: Lots of experience making bread for daily use.

Lesson Learned: Learn the basic techniques and your machine, then improvise & improve!

Tip: Know your machine.


United States

Mentor In: Bread

Why I want to be mentor: The art of bread making, especially yeast breads seems to be dying out with younger cooks. I would really like to see young cooks get back to baking homemade breads.

Lesson Learned: The biggest lesson I have learned is baking bread is a science. The ingredients have to absolutely accurate and measured correctly to turn out perfect bread.

Tip: Never pack down flour in a measuring cup.