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Mentor In: Cake

Why I want to be mentor: One of the best things about my job is teaching people. Knowing that I can take some of the mystery out of decorating is very satisfying. I am happy to help because decorating should be an enjoyable experience, not a nerve-racking one.

Lesson Learned: Be the boss of your cake! It can (almost) always be fixed. Or covered.

Tip: Look for inspiration everywhere- colors, shapes, textures.....


Chicago, IL

Mentor In: Cake

Why I want to be mentor: I love teaching others and learning from then.

Lesson Learned: I learned not to rush and not to always play by the rules!

Tip: Make sure that your oven is at the right temp


Augusta, GA

Mentor In: Cake

Why I want to be mentor: I enjoy helping others as I would want someone to help me if I needed it. :)

Lesson Learned: To make sure that I measure my ingredients...found that out very young :(

Tip: Don't over-beat your batter!!!


United Kingdom

Mentor In: Cake, Pie, European

Why I want to be mentor: Ive learnt alot from bakespace, id like to help others do the same!

Lesson Learned: always sift your flour and sugar, makes for a lighter cake.

Tip: Always allow the cake to cool fully before trying to remove it from the pan, its worth being patient!


Crystal Lake, IL

Mentor In: Cake

Why I want to be mentor: I am seeing a lot of bad Filipino recipes in the net and it is time to post the \"tried-and-tested\" ones.

Lesson Learned: a recipe will never be the \"ultimate\" one until you make it your own! So keep testing, tweaking and perfecting your recipes!

Tip: It only takes a bay leaf to ensure my bag of flour is always baking-ready.


Long Beach, CA

Mentor In: Cake

Why I want to be mentor: Baking is my passion. obsession, and occupation and to help bring this out in others is \"icing on the cake\"

Lesson Learned: Anyone can become an exceptional chef, cook, or baker it takes, time, patience, passion, and tenacity. It's not hard to make a cake from scratch once you understand baking science.

Tip: Realize that trial and error is a reality that one must face to become great.


Mentor In: Cake, Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: I would like to mentor in this category because I have a great deal of experience in baking and decorating cakes and I feel that cooks who shy away from baking shouldn't be afraid. It may require a bit more preparation and patience, but it's fun and isn't difficult to learn with the right help.

Lesson Learned: Always sift ingredients when baking a cake, so it comes out lighter and the ingredients become well incorporated

Tip: Always sift your ingredients for a lighter and airier cake


Roseville, CA

Mentor In: Appetizer, Dessert, Cake, Fondant, Camping, Crowd Cooking, Dinner Party

Why I want to be mentor: I'm a former professional caterer and professional baker, including lots and lots and LOTS of wedding and other cakes...Lots of experience, lots of great tips and hints, lots of advice to share!

Lesson Learned: Practice makes perfect. Cakes given to others, no matter how happy you are with your own work, bring so much joy -- so don\'t sweat your mistakes, because chances are you\'re the only one who will notice.

Tip: Crumb coat = perfection and worth the extra step every time!



Mentor In: Cake

Why I want to be mentor: I love baking. I tend to bake mostly desserts, but I do cook at least 6 days out of the week.

Lesson Learned: Be patient. Be experimental. Be daring. Be generous. Don\'t be afraid to try new stuff

Tip: Crumb coating a cake does WONDERS!!