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Roseville, CA

Mentor In: Appetizer, Dessert, Cake, Fondant, Camping, Crowd Cooking, Dinner Party

Why I want to be mentor: I'm a former professional caterer and baker, but even more important is that I\'ve been a camp director for 10 years, a backpacker for 30. I\'ve devised and prepared meals for dozens of groups of backpacking teenagers, camp meals for 150 using no electricity or running water, meals for camping families, snow camping meals, and seriously gourmet 8-course feasts for two using nothing but a campfire. No one has eaten better in the wilderness. No one.

Lesson Learned: Food always tastes better in the outdoors, sure...but just because you\'re in the wilderness doesn\'t mean you have to skimp on flavor and style!

Tip: Vacuum sealing is a camper-chef's best friend.