Found 4 Mentors.


Mentor In: Caribbean

Why I want to be mentor: Because I would like to share knowledga with new chef generations

Lesson Learned: International cuisine\r\nGarde manger\r\nFood Service Sanitation

Tip: When cooking root starchy vegetables, allways start them in cold water so they can cook evenly


Pacific Palisades, CA

Mentor In: Caribbean

Why I want to be mentor: I was surprised that there was not a sub category for Cuban cuisine. As soon as I saw that, I knew I had something important to contribute.

Lesson Learned: Patience and perseverance are the two most important qualities to possess. This is true in and out of the kitchen.

Tip: A good 'mojo' recipe is worth it's weight in gold in Cuban cooking.


Orlando, FL

Mentor In: Omelet/Frittatas, Caribbean

Why I want to be mentor: I want to teach you new ways of cooking. Teach you new flavors and not to be intimidated by food you do not know. I want to teach how to make a good rice and curry chicken. Coconut Rice, Calipso rice and much more.

Lesson Learned: Keep it safe in the kitchen no distractions.

Tip: keep your knifes sharpen.


Miami, FL

Mentor In: Caribbean

Why I want to be mentor: I\'m Cuban-American, and have been cooking delicious authentic Cuban cuisine for 10 years.

Lesson Learned: How to make \"sofrito\". How to fry plantains. How to make perfect rice.

Tip: Try to use fresh ingredients, including spices. But don't worry if you can't. It'll still taste great!