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BIQA Coffee

Mentor In: Coffee

Why I want to be mentor: Coffee is as sophisticated and intriguing as wine but not a lot of people now how to pair coffee with a food menu.

Lesson Learned: Coffee Growers don\'t want a hand out they want a fair price for the hard work they do.

Tip: As a consumer you are limited about what you can do about Oil, but there is a lot that you can do as a consumer of coffee, Coffee is the second most powerfull traded comodety in the world first is Oil.


Yuma, AZ

Mentor In: Coffee

Why I want to be mentor: I love the specialty coffee field and would love to share the knowledge I have learned over the years. I have helped create numerous recipes for a variety of shops. I am not afraid to work with new ingredient to create unique combinations.

Lesson Learned: Coffee is more than a drink, it is an art form. Coffee is universal; almost every culture today has their own unique way of brewing and serving coffee.

Tip: Steamed milk should retain a solid, velvety consistency (not the 2 layered Milk/Scorched foam most shops serve). Start with the steaming pitcher 40% full and slowly the raise the steam wand until the milk has expanded to the 60% mark.



Mentor In: Italian, Coffee

Why I want to be mentor: I was born and raised in Italy, I\'ve been brought up with espresso

Lesson Learned: There\'s no such a thing as Italian Roast

Tip: To be able to brew a good cup of espresso you need to have experienced an espresso in Italia


Mentor In: Coffee

Why I want to be mentor: Looking to expand understanding of professional espresso.

Lesson Learned: People who think they know about coffee, and people who should know about coffee - those serving you coffee in coffee shops for example - quite often don\'t !

Tip: Don't grind beans until you need them - unused ground coffee at the end of the day, goes in the bin!


Beverly Hills, CA

Mentor In: Coffee

Why I want to be mentor: Because I love coffee

Lesson Learned: If you want to ice cold coffee make sure that you take the pot off the burner as soon as the coffee is finished brewing

Tip: buy great coffee


Mentor In: Coffee

Why I want to be mentor: I enjoy helping people and it's fun to connect and feel useful.

Lesson Learned: Coffee continues to cook as the pot sits on the heating pad on the coffee maker. Don't let coffee sit too long after it is brewed cause it will continue to brew.

Tip: try a lot of diferent coffees and write down the ones you like - especially ones from resturants. Lots of time they are special orders and you can ask the resturant for the brand info.