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Mentor In: Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: i feel that i have the experience to help someone with any questions they might have.

Lesson Learned: don\'t always trust a pan to be non-stick when it might not be. i had an order for christmas cookies a couple of years ago, and most of the cookies were ruined due to sticking to the pan.

Tip: use non=stick pan spray on everything.


North Hollywood, CA

Mentor In: Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: Having stressed over many a cookie exchange wow factor entry I get the stress and hope I can make it easier for others to realize it is all in the taste...

Lesson Learned: If it is a great taste the 1st time - good luck trying to duplicate the experiment!

Tip: Bake Fresh


Atlanta, GA

Mentor In: Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: I teach baking and have lots of wisdom and knowledge to share. I have more years behind me than ahead and I am of the age when you made cakes from scratch beating the batter using a specific number of strokes and a wooden spoon. You do not need fancy gadgets to bake well. You need a good, reliable recipe, patience, quality ingredients and time.

Lesson Learned: Baking is very unforgiving. You can leave salt out of bread dough and although it will impact flavor it will still give you a lovely loaf. There is such as thing as chocolate bread made from a yeast dough and it is heavenly when prepared properly. You do not need a kitchen aid to knead bread, just the two extensions at the end of your wrist.

Tip: All vanilla is not the same. All water is not the same, too many minerals in the water will impact the final product...yes it will!!!


Philadelphia, PA

Mentor In: Cheesecake, Cookies, Cake, Cupcakes, Fondant

Why I want to be mentor: Baking cookies is my favorite thing to do.

Lesson Learned: Creaming the butter and sugar takes a minimum of 5 minutes.

Tip: After adding the flour, mix ONLY until you can no longer see the flour. Otherwise you get tough cookies.


Des Moines, IA

Mentor In: Weight Watchers, Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: I have been baking cookies for years and it's my favorite kind of dessert.

Lesson Learned: Baking times differ the longer your stove has been on. (at least in my oven!)

Tip: Don't add the flour all at once, do it in stages.


Mentor In: Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: I have learned a lot over the years. Maybe I can pass some of that along.

Lesson Learned: Timing is everything. When to take the cookies out of the oven so that they are not over cooked, is critical.

Tip: Use the double bottem "air" pans with out sides.


Mentor In: Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: Parce que j\'aime plus mes cookies que ceux des autres

Lesson Learned: Avoir un four

Tip: Meilleyr au chocolat


Mentor In: Smoothie, Dog Food, Pressure Cooker, Cookies, Cocktail

Why I want to be mentor: I know how to make a base recipe and turn it into something that you will never want to STOP EATING.

Lesson Learned: Use quality flavors.

Tip: Don't be afraid to add different things to a base recipe


Mentor In: Cake, Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: Cooking baking is my thing along with baking cakes. I\'ve done the two things well since I was a young child and I\'d love to pass on my wisdom.

Lesson Learned: Never over-mix shortbread

Tip: Always use unsalted butter when baking anything



Mentor In: Cookies

Why I want to be mentor: I enjoy decorating cookies and if any one out there is inclined , I would love to give any tips I can.

Lesson Learned: I have learned to be patient, take my time, be exact and understand that practice really does lead to perfect!

Tip: Proper planning is the key to successfully decorated cookies.