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Mentor In: Cooking for One

Why I want to be mentor: I know plenty of people who live alone and rely on boxed products. You can make homemade meals just for yourself!

Lesson Learned: The freezer is your friend. Even if you don\'t cut a recipe, you can usually freeze leftovers for later, especially soups and spaghetti sauce.

Tip: Freeze leftovers whenever possible.


Dallas, TX

Mentor In: Cooking for One

Why I want to be mentor: To let others know that you can cook for one just as easily as you can cook for two or four.

Lesson Learned: Just because you\'re cooking for one doesn\'t mean you have to cut on ingredients or variety

Tip: If you're short on time, cut corners by using Schwan food for parts of your meal. Healthy and fast.


Los Angeles, CA

Mentor In: Cooking for One

Why I want to be mentor: Because I live in LA & have been single for 9 years & l LOVE comforting Caribbean food (basically non existent being that the Caribbean is 3,000 miles away) & fine dining but I love spending my hard earned money on shoes more, so I definitely am an expert in this category!

Lesson Learned: The cupcake/muffin tin, fresh organic ingredients, ziploc bags & the freezer are my BEST FRIENDS! Perfect single servings of so many of my favorites I can eat now & freeze for later. It also comes in SUPER handy when I have last minute guests, I just pop in the oven or microwave & my guests can enjoy one of my home cooked meals in a matter of minutes.

Tip: Just because you are living alone doesn't mean you have to eat like you are "ALONE", you know those lonely people who battle it by eating at drive throughs & overly processed foods. CELEBRATE your choice of the fabulous single life! Choose GREAT food!