Found 7 Mentors.


Winnetka, CA

Mentor In: Crowd Cooking, Asian

Why I want to be mentor: Due to our experience.

Lesson Learned: Plan ahead.

Tip: Remember it is just as easy to cook for 200 people as it is for 2, the only thing that is different is the amount you cook.


New York

Mentor In: Cheesecake, Misc. Salad, Crowd Cooking, Marinade/Rub

Why I want to be mentor: To share my knowledge.

Lesson Learned: You can make a meal out of a few ingredients...........just explorer your mind and kitchen.

Tip: Cook from the heart and never limit yourself, if you can see it happening you can do it.


Park Forest, IL

Mentor In: Crowd Cooking

Why I want to be mentor: I enjoy what I do and love to assist other people having questions and problems

Lesson Learned: how to purchase enough food, how to keep food hot and how to get everything done at the same time

Tip: Always have the proper pan to prepare the food and always have someplace to store preprared food



Mentor In: Crowd Cooking

Why I want to be mentor: I\'ve come to learn that there is etiquette when hosting a party. It\'s really not something you throw together and I have first hand knowledge and skill when it comes to that.

Lesson Learned: Time, management, crowd pleasing and the importance of RSVp\'s.

Tip: Hospitality is the key to hosting a great party, multi-tasking while keeping a smile on your guest face is a skill that should come natural but can be learned. Always smile even when the pressure is on.


Mentor In: Crowd Cooking

Why I want to be mentor: I\'ve got the experience to help the ones that are learning to cook and etc.

Lesson Learned: The best ways of keeping your food from spoiling,the amounts per person

Tip: Try to keep the menu to what taste the people you are cooking for has


Mentor In: Crowd Cooking

Why I want to be mentor:

Lesson Learned: that the intent that the cook has when cooking is very important to the outcome of the dish!

Tip: plan your cooking projects


Roseville, CA

Mentor In: Appetizer, Dessert, Cake, Fondant, Camping, Crowd Cooking, Dinner Party

Why I want to be mentor: Former professional caterer, and chef at a camp where I cooked for 150 at a time. And hey, with six kids (including 3 teenage boys), every single meal is cooked for a crowd these days! Lots of experience, lots of advice to share...

Lesson Learned: Timing is everything, and you can never have a pot too big.

Tip: Master timing, and the rest is easy. Spend extra time planning so that you can finish everything on time!