Found 8 Mentors.


Mentor In: Diabetic, Dessert, Dinner, Soup, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free

Why I want to be mentor: I have experience with multiple diets and restrictions. I do baking on the side and am familiar with gluten free diets.

Lesson Learned: Freshness is the key, I love the taste of natural ingredients with bold flavors.

Tip: I love grilling and roasting, They bring out the natural sugars of vegetables and add a whole level of flavor to the food.


Mentor In: Dinner

Why I want to be mentor: We all live in a very busy world, but I have always felt that a simple wholesome dinner at home with the family, is just what you need to pull the day together.

Lesson Learned: Just because you dont have a lot of time, doesn\'t mean you can\'t have a wonderful meal.

Tip: A well stocked pantry makes for simple meal prep.


New Hyde Park, NY

Mentor In: Dinner

Why I want to be mentor: I know a decent amount about a lot of things, but I am not an expert in anything specific.

Lesson Learned: I have learned not to rush or else I inevitably make a mistake, make a mess, or catch myself with the wrong end of a knife

Tip: Don't limit yourself to what you read in a recipe or what you are "supposed" to do.


Mentor In: Dinner

Why I want to be mentor: I love talking about and helping others find the joys of cooking.

Lesson Learned: Do not take yourself too seriously in the kitchen. It should be fun.

Tip: Try new things. It isn't the end of the world if it doesn't come out perfect.


American living in the Philippines

Mentor In: Dinner

Why I want to be mentor: I want to be a mentor because I hope I have something to offer others who want to embrace being a great home manager and home cook. I truly believe you can make great meals for your family that are easy and sooo yummy.

Lesson Learned: I have learned to embrace cooking or baking from scratch. We are missionaries living in the Philippines and there are no convenience items available, so I have had to cook from scratch for the last 10 years. It\'s actually not hard at all!

Tip: My greatest tip came from my 7th grade home economics teacher. It was to clean as you go. Picking up and cleaning as you go in the kitchen or in your home will make life more simple and efficient.



Mentor In: Dinner

Why I want to be mentor: Mentors also learn from their pupils, and I\'m hear to learn.

Lesson Learned: If I fail at a recipe during the first try, always try again. With determination it will be a success eventually.

Tip: Prep in advance as often as possible.

Miss Jackie


Mentor In: Dinner

Why I want to be mentor: I have many years of practice in the kitchen and would like to help those who are fearful of the kitchen and meal creating.

Lesson Learned: The most important thing I\'ve learned is it takes a lot of practice and many tries to sometimes have a meal come out absolutely perfect. Don\'t give up! Use it as motivation to keep trying.

Tip: Oven temperatures vary learn how yours works


Mentor In: Dinner

Why I want to be mentor: I love to teach, I spend a great deal of time assisting others in just cooking more often, and enjoying food more

Lesson Learned: My biggest lesson is that food is a unifier...and there isn\'t always just one way to achieve something great in your kitchen

Tip: A great finish depends on a great beginning, use fresh ingredients!