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Los Angeles, CA

Mentor In: Misc. One Dish, North American, Dough/Crust

Why I want to be mentor: Because pies scare people, and it's all because of the crust. But once you develop a good sense of how to make pie dough, you've opened up a whole new world of cooking - chicken pot pies, quiches, cobblers, tarts, even things like beef wellington. I want to help anyone who's intimidated by making dough by walking them through it step-by-step.

Lesson Learned: More than souffles, pie crusts seem to know when the cook is scared of them. If you don't worry about it so much, your crusts will turn out just fine. Besides, even if you don't score a perfect ten, a crust that scores a nine is still fantastic.

Tip: Pie crusts are always a balance between tenderness and flakiness. The more you work the butter into the flour, the more flake, but the less tender - so it's a tradeoff


Chicago, Illinois

Mentor In: Dough/Crust

Why I want to be mentor: Because I love pie making ,and you can too!

Lesson Learned: My most important lesson I learned was not to be swayed by \"pie snobs\" who say a pie crust \"should be made this way\" or sneer at your addition of shortening to the mix. Find what works best for you and for the filling at hand. Every pie filling does not go with just one pie crust recipe. There are flavor and texture profiles to consider

Tip: 4. Butter is wonderful, but there is such a thing as too much. High butter content in the filling? Consider a shortening crust so that the filling stands out on your tastebuds.