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Corbett, OR

Mentor In: European, Waffle

Why I want to be mentor: I chose this category because it also describes my "style". When I cook it's usually Italian or Mediterranean influenced, but when it comes to desserts and baking I move into more French and Danish inspired dishes; Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and Cannoli aside

Lesson Learned: With understanding of your ingredients and the "why" behind basic food preparation methods, the realization dawns that there is nothing to be feared in the the kitchen. For even a "failed" attempt is more than likely still edible... CARPE KITCHEN!!

Tip: Beaten egg whites reach higher volume in a 98 degree copper bowl; Whipped cream reaches higher volume in a well chilled stainless steel bowl

French Tart

Mentor In: French, European

Why I want to be mentor: I LOVE and want to promote British and European cookery - especially Historical recipes and traditions.

Lesson Learned: You are always learning - be open to new ideas and cultures, as well as new cuisines.

Tip: Preparation is key to an organised kitchen.


United Kingdom

Mentor In: Cake, Pie, European

Why I want to be mentor: SO i can impart me wisdom!

Lesson Learned: Timing is everything when preparing a meal.

Tip: make sure your timing is right. so that all items are ready at the same time!