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Mentor In: German, Soup

Why I want to be mentor: I have made my repertoire of German recipes over and over again, always with delighted complimentals

Lesson Learned: I cook with the freshest ingredients possible. I stick with authentic recipes, being careful not to \"Americanize\" the German food that I grew up with-- I did live there early in my childhood, too.

Tip: Read the recipe careful and prepare your ingredients ahead of time, so you don't find out you're missing something when it's too late!



Mentor In: German

Why I want to be mentor: I want to share my passion for this type of cooking. It is like art to me. When I cook this way and serve it to happy guests that makes me happy. I also can and preserve a lot of my own food so that gives me a deeper sense of appreciation on how I was taught to cook this way.

Lesson Learned: Good things take time! Especially when cooking \"amish\" style. Amish do not have microwaves so there isn\'t much room for short cuts when cooking this way, however I have found a few tricks of my own that I am able to incorporate. If you have patience, this type of cuisine is outstanding!

Tip: Use, real cheese, use real potatoes, use fresh produce and grow your own if possible.


Central PA

Mentor In: German

Why I want to be mentor: I noticed no one had taken this category, I waited to see if someone more experienced would take it, but hated to see no one as a mentor.

Lesson Learned: Be open minded and try new things. You might be surprised.

Tip: Don't be afraid to adjust recipes to your taste!



Mentor In: German

Why I want to be mentor: I figured, ppl. would like to get help from an \"insider\" :-)

Lesson Learned: German Food can be very high in fat and calories. I have learned to subsitute ingredients to create healthier meal choices.

Tip: Just ask. I have too many to list.