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Mentor In: Diabetic, Dessert, Dinner, Soup, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free

Why I want to be mentor: I have experience with multiple diets and restrictions. I do baking on the side and am familiar with gluten free diets.

Lesson Learned: Freshness is the key, I love the taste of natural ingredients with bold flavors.

Tip: I love grilling and roasting, They bring out the natural sugars of vegetables and add a whole level of flavor to the food.

Die Hard Foodie

Arlington VA

Mentor In: Gluten-Free

Why I want to be mentor: I had an easy introduction to the gluten-free diet through m boyfriend and his mother, both of whom are Celiac patients. Nothing beats being able to email someone with a question and being sure that they know what they\'re talking about.

Lesson Learned: I\'ve learned to NEVER give up after a failure. If something I bake doesn\'t turn out, I eat it anyway and try to figure out what happened. Nothing like a little experimentation to get a cupcake recipe right!

Tip: Move away from the mixes! They're costly and not as good as homemade in most cases. Don't be afraid to start from scratch!

Gluten-Free Goddess


Mentor In: Gluten-Free

Why I want to be mentor: It took me AGES to refine my cooking to a point where it could be sold - and in the process I learnt a lot I\'d like to be able to share with other cooks out there.

Lesson Learned: How to make cakes rise and pastry be light even when using a gluten-free flour which by its very nature is heavier.

Tip: Always add more liquid into any recipe you are adapting to be wheat or gluten free if you want it to be moist and flavourful


Kent, UK

Mentor In: Gluten-Free

Why I want to be mentor: To highlight the need for more gluten free cooking and to prove that it doesn\'t have to be difficult

Lesson Learned: Check ALL ingredients on ALL products... It\'s amazing where gluten hides!

Tip: Be creative.. Being Gluten Free shouldn't be restrictive


williamsburg virginia

Mentor In: Gluten-Free

Why I want to be mentor: because gluten free and organic cooking is very beneficial for everyone and i want to spread the word and help others see that this way of eating is more than just bland commercilized packaged food... ask me i will tell ya

Lesson Learned: that baking and cooking are very different and patience is key

Tip: tarragon never mixes well with other herbs