Found 6 Mentors.


Mentor In: Italian

Why I want to be mentor: I love to teach and often go to my mentors for tune ups

Lesson Learned: First time you try a recipe, follow it, after you know what it taste like, you can become creative and alter according to your likes. Cooking is and should be fun, never be afraid to try

Tip: Simple is best


Mentor In: Italian

Why I want to be mentor: Taking my classes and teaching beyond Florence to those that cannnot come here!

Lesson Learned: My Italian mother-in-law taught me to spend more time shopping and less cooking. Fresh quality ingredients need little done to them.

Tip: Always put the garlic in cold oil, then turn on the heat. Burnt Garlic is horrible and you should throw everything away and start over.



Mentor In: Italian, Coffee

Why I want to be mentor: Mom\'s teachings have been paying off

Lesson Learned: Never put a good knife in the dishwasher

Tip: With a few simple inexpensive ingredients you can cook a full healthy weekly menu


Morris Plains, NJ

Mentor In: Italian

Why I want to be mentor: I'd like to share what I learn and continue to learn by talking to others.

Lesson Learned: Save those precious family your family members cook and let them teach's an experience you'll never get back once they are gone.

Tip: Always taste your food. Season a little at a time and taste, adjust seasoning accordingly.


Mentor In: Italian

Why I want to be mentor: Being Italian, I may give you real suggestions on real italian foods.

Lesson Learned: Cooking at home could be time saving and saving in general. Nothing is complicated. Depsite the apparence, you can plan times for cooking and prepare almost everything.

Tip: Homemade pasta is easy and relatively quickly to do.


Riverside, California

Mentor In: Italian

Why I want to be mentor: I would love to help, discuss, and inspire those that love to cook authentic Italian & Sicilian dishes.

Lesson Learned: Patience! With everything in life, patience is a key factor to success. Additionally it is important to be passionate about the food you create. The more love and care you put into your food the better it looks, tastes, and comforts and brings smiles those you present it to!

Tip: Preparation - Always be prepared and ready to adapt