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Jennifer Perillo

Mentor In: Jam/Preserve

Why I want to be mentor: Jamming is much easier than people think and everyone deserve the gift of summer-fresh strawberries slathered on a hot biscuit—even in January!

Lesson Learned: Don\'t tackle too much at once. I much prefer to can a few jars of jam each weekend than try to tackle bushels. Also, the microwave is especially helpful as is all-natural pectin, which allows you to make jams low in sugar that really showcase the flavor of the fruit.

Tip: Ask your local farmer if you can buy the bruised berries at a discount. Most will be shocked and happy to make some money on otherwise unsellable fruit.


Mentor In: Jam/Preserve

Why I want to be mentor: Because I love to teach people how to do something that is not as popular as it once was though with the prices of produce lately, I have read that it is making a comeback.

Lesson Learned: That if you are using pectin, you MUST follow the recipe exactly!

Tip: You must make sure that no jam seeped out of the jar during the hot water process or you will get ants.


Washington, DC

Mentor In: Jam/Preserve

Why I want to be mentor: Because there aren\'t many of us canners out there...

Lesson Learned: how not to create botulism. :)

Tip: Add vinegar to your water bath to make the jars sparkle.


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