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Ambrolio Foods

Mentor In: Lactose-Free

Why I want to be mentor: I would like to share my nutrition knowledge (B.S. in Nutrition from Cornell University) and real-world experience to help others.

Lesson Learned: 1) Although milk is a good source of calcium, it's not a necessary part of a healthful diet. Many other foods provide excellent sources of calcium. 2) Many packaged foods contain dairy products, especially whey and casein. 3) Yogurt and hard cheeses may be tolerated even by those who are allergic to milk or lactose.

Tip: We can achieve optimal health by eating well and exercising.


Mentor In: Diabetic, Dessert, Dinner, Soup, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free

Why I want to be mentor: I have experience with multiple diets and restrictions. I do baking on the side and am familiar with gluten free diets.

Lesson Learned: Freshness is the key, I love the taste of natural ingredients with bold flavors.

Tip: I love grilling and roasting, They bring out the natural sugars of vegetables and add a whole level of flavor to the food.


Orlando, FL

Mentor In: Lactose-Free

Why I want to be mentor: I have been living this way of life for the past 15 years.

Lesson Learned: That plain soy milk can be substituted in a lot more recipes than you would think. It is also very easy to make soy milk with a soy milk maker.

Tip: A lot of times, people with lactose allergies can still have yogurt, use yogurt instead of sour cream in recipes.


Mentor In: Lactose-Free

Why I want to be mentor: It is my goal to help people enjoy living without dairy. I love answering questions and doing the research to find the answer when I don\'t already have it.

Lesson Learned: It is important to learn how to use substitutes, but not to rely upon them. Cutting your reliance on dairy allows you the room in your diet to really open up your palate to new foods.

Tip: Don't get stuck in a soy rut; there's more to life