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Ashtabula, Ohio..45 miles east of Cleveland on Lake Erie

Mentor In: Low Calorie

Why I want to be mentor: I guess because I love food and I collect recipes. I have thousands.

Lesson Learned: Salt is not my friend.

Tip: Olive oil is wonderful and has so many uses, including beauty secrets.


Chicago, IL

Mentor In: Low Calorie, Greek

Why I want to be mentor: As a person who has struggled with being overweight my whole life, I feel like the success I've had with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle over the last few years can help others.

Lesson Learned: Healthy food can be extremely tasty, filling, and make you feel great. A lot of people don't eat poorly so much as they eat too much in general. Portion control is a huge factor in nutrition. Everything in moderation.

Tip: Don't buy into the "don't eat after 7:00" rule. As long as you are within your calories for the day, it's fine. In fact, it's encouraged so you aren't going 12 hours without food, which is not good for you.



Mentor In: Low Calorie

Why I want to be mentor: I\'m dedicated to helping you.

Lesson Learned: It\'s okay if you cheat, just don\'t quit.

Tip: Veggies are always the way to go.



Mentor In: Low Calorie

Why I want to be mentor: I\'ve found so many ways to help cut calories in my favourite recipes and I\'d love to share the things I\'ve learned with others to help them live a healthier lifestyle!

Lesson Learned: Good food doesn\'t have to taste bad!\r\nDon\'t deny yourself anything you love, just find a way to make it a little healthier! Substitute, substitute, substitute!

Tip: If you can't get the hang of portion sizes, buy a digital scale and weigh your food! It works wonders!


Mentor In: Low Calorie, Diabetic

Why I want to be mentor: I have extensive experience in this field and would like an outlet to express the knowledge I have gained.

Lesson Learned: The Fresher the better. Keep it simple. Healthy food does NOT compromise taste. Don't let the tips of your fingers end up in the food. They won't taste good.

Tip: Brown Rice is a godsend. As are Chilis. And Spicy Peppers