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Mentor In: Middle Eastern

Why I want to be mentor: there are no mentors in this category yet, and middle eastern is so delicious I feel it should be shared with whoever wants to learn it.

Lesson Learned: baking will always take longer than I expect, and I will always run low on one of the ingredients, no matter what I do.

Tip: find a good middle eastern store, because it will be a pain in the butt finding some of the ingredients otherwise


Mentor In: Middle Eastern

Why I want to be mentor: I think we have great food and want to share it with whoever is interested.

Lesson Learned: When you share recipes, you are also sharing a piece of your heritage and culture.

Tip: Cooking at home is so much better.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mentor In: Middle Eastern

Why I want to be mentor: I know Middle Eastern food.

Lesson Learned: You have to always read a full recipe before starting it. You have to follow directions. You have to be patient and not try to hurry things along. And you have to learn what you can use in place of something else and what works best for you and your family, recipes have to work for you not you work for them.

Tip: Always stay true to yourself in the kitchen and your food will always be amazing.


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