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Los Angeles, CA

Mentor In: Misc. One Dish, North American, Dough/Crust

Why I want to be mentor: Because stews and chilis are excellent meals that anyone can make, regardless of skill level.

Lesson Learned: Prep everything ahead of time; since stews often have lengthy ingredient lists, I find it best to make sure I have all the ingredients ready to go before I even turn the stove on.

Tip: For more even low-heat cooking, use your oven set to a low temperature instead of the stovetop once it's time to simmer.



Mentor In: Misc. One Dish

Why I want to be mentor: Assist with hints

Lesson Learned: Don't be afraid to improvise and experiment. There will be mistakes, but also successes.

Tip: When you improvise, write down your changes so you can serve it again.


Denver, CO

Mentor In: Misc. One Dish

Why I want to be mentor: My mission is to help people eat better and be healthier by teaching them a quick and easy way to prepare whole foods. I tour around the country speaking and giving cooking demonstrations to this end.

Lesson Learned: Recipes should be adaptable and ingredients substitutable so that you can tailor a meal to your dietary requirements and family\'s eating preferences.

Tip: The sure way to tell if something is done is to use your nose: does it smell like it's finished?


Freeport, IL

Mentor In: Misc. One Dish

Why I want to be mentor: I\'d love to share ideas with others who cook in a restaurant as far as how to make things go smoother in our hectic kitchen world.

Lesson Learned: Lessons I\'ve learned? Hmmm! One of the most important things I\'ve learned is that prep work makes the preparation of your dish much easier.

Tip: Planning a weekly menu, while watching a budget, requires thinking ahead as to what you can do with leftover products that you purchase but is more than you need for one dish.


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