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Los Angeles, CA

Mentor In: Misc. One Dish, North American, Dough/Crust

Why I want to be mentor: I want people to know that there is more to regional North American cuisine than \"Deep South\" or \"Tex-Mex.\" New England cuisine it a conglomeration of more than 400 years of immigrants and natives blending cultures. Influences from Portugal, Brazil, Greece, Italy make use of the regional abundance (and lack thereof) of fish, seafood, legumes, maple syrup, and the those ingredients traditionally traded in the Northeast, such as molasses. A little ingenuity and a desire to stretch food to feed the maximum amount of people have created dozens of new dishes.

Lesson Learned: With a few exceptions, it\'s simple, hearty food, born of Yankee ingenuity and frugality. Like any good cuisine, use what\'s available. And like any region where food was once scarce, you\'ll use a lot of preservation techniques, and use ingredients that have been preserved in a variety of ways.

Tip: When in doubt, add bacon.


Paul Smiths, NY

Mentor In: North American

Why I want to be mentor: I want to help college kids like myself who want more than just \"dining hall\" food. I want to eat a home cooked meal a limited budget.

Lesson Learned: You don\'t have to spend a lot to get a lot.

Tip: Never be afraid to try something new and different