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Orlando, FL

Mentor In: Omelet/Frittatas, Caribbean

Why I want to be mentor: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I want to share my pasion for food. I want people to learn how incredible and versatile is the egg. I want them to know about other eggs, like Duck, Gueses,and Quails

Lesson Learned: Food handling, Food contamination, Food safety.

Tip: Live, Love, Laugh,Learn and enjoy life to fullest potential.


Jacksonville, Florida

Mentor In: Omelet/Frittatas

Why I want to be mentor: Breakfast is my favorite meal...It starts the day !

Lesson Learned: When you find that perfect pan for Eggs, or any dish for that matter, treasure it always. There is nothing as nice as being comfortable when you cook.

Tip: Allow chilled Eggs to warm slightly at room temperature before using in Breakfast Dishes.


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