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Pedersons Natural Farms

Hamilton, tx

Mentor In: Pork

Why I want to be mentor: We are a healthy and natural meat business that wants to educated everyone about the benefits of being natural and healthy.

Lesson Learned: We strive to listen to our consumers about our products and how to improve. Listening to consumers is the greatest compliment when they just simply love your product.

Tip: Think natural and healthy, you will appreciate it later!


Lynnwood, WA

Mentor In: Pork, Barbecue

Why I want to be mentor: I really like to let people understand a recipe is just an outline, cooking is all about you!

Lesson Learned: Patience, gotta have it...the lack of it can ruin a great meal. It's not just high heat or no heat...use the whole dial!

Tip: Peel your garlic before refrigerating or the skins will absorb moisture and turn the cloves mushy.


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