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Murrieta, CA

Mentor In: Poultry, Halloween

Why I want to be mentor: After 22 years of trying to make chicken "exciting" I have not only made most of the mistakes out there but I have also learned how to save a meal once they happen.

Lesson Learned: A good rotisserie chicken is your best friend, buy in bulk when meat is on sale and then freeze in size appropriate packages for your family.

Tip: Remember rubber chickens are only funny in comedy acts, not at the dinner table. Buy an inexpensive oven thermometer and learn to tell when your chicken is done.


Burbank, CA

Mentor In: Poultry

Why I want to be mentor: With the economy the way it is, and with most households having both parents working, poultry is a great meat for less money and can be cooked quickly. Since I fall under both categories, I hope that my experience can benefit someone else.

Lesson Learned: Don\'t turn your nose up on a recipe just because of one or two ingredients that you don\'t have or don\'t like. You can always change it up and make it your own, just the way you like it.

Tip: Besides buying in bulk and saving a few bucks, it's always nice to have some cooked chicken on hand (in the freezer) for those quick week night meals. I try and keep 2 cups worth since most recipes call for that amount.


Elkhart, IN

Mentor In: Bread, Poultry

Why I want to be mentor: I eat a lot of chicken and am always figuring out some new way to cook it. I think I might actually turn into a chicken soon. :)

Lesson Learned: .

Tip: The quickest and safest way to thaw chicken is in a bowl of sink of cold water.