Found 2 Mentors.


Mentor In: Pressure Cooker

Why I want to be mentor: I like helping other people learn how to use them

Lesson Learned: Always read and save your instructions for your pressure cooker because they all have different requirements.

Tip: Do not use aluminum pressure cookers to cook acid foods like tomatoes as they will pit the cooker.


Mentor In: Smoothie, Dog Food, Pressure Cooker, Cookies, Cocktail

Why I want to be mentor: Since I have been using a pressure cooker since I was child, I know all the little differnt methods that can be used with a pressure cooker. Plus you will be surprised on what meals you can create in one pot.

Lesson Learned: Make sure all steam is out before opening, or you will have it "blow up", this happen to my mother when I was a child and it was a lesson I have never forgotten.

Tip: Rocker pressure cookers seem the best for me, I can gadge the timing better.